LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (201-450)

Video description

The course begins by laying a solid foundation with an overview of capacity planning, ensuring you understand how to measure and optimize system resources effectively. It then dives into the technicalities of monitoring CPU, memory, disk, and network activity, crucial for maintaining system health and performance.

The course focuses on deepening your understanding of Linux's core, including kernel components, modules, and the intricacies of compiling a kernel. You'll learn how to monitor and manage the kernel for peak efficiency, alongside exploring systemd and SysV init systems for better process management. Additionally, system recovery techniques, fstab configuration, and managing swap partitions are thoroughly covered to ensure system resilience.

The course wraps up with practical skills in managing storage solutions, network configurations, and troubleshooting, alongside essential system administration tasks such as installing programs from source and effective backup strategies.

What you will learn

  • Monitor system resources and kernel activities
  • Compile and manage the Linux kernel
  • Configure RAID and manage encrypted storage
  • Troubleshoot network and system issues
  • Secure and backup Linux systems efficiently
  • Administer systemd and SysV init systems


This course is ideal for IT professionals, system administrators, and network engineers seeking to advance their Linux administration skills. Prior experience with basic Linux commands and system administration is recommended. It is perfect for those aiming to achieve LPIC-2 certification or enhance their expertise in managing Linux systems.

About the Authors

ACI Learning: ACI Learning trains leaders in Cybersecurity, Audit, and Information Technology. Whether starting an IT career, mastering a profession, or developing a team, they provide essential support at every step.

Don Pezet: Don Pezet, with over 25 years in IT, brings rich experience from his time as a field engineer in finance and insurance, supporting networks globally. A Linux enthusiast, he's skilled in Red Hat and Ubuntu, and has a long-standing connection with macOS and Apple products since the mid-90s. For the last 15 years, Don has dedicated himself to IT education, co-founding ITProTV in 2012 to provide top-tier IT training. As ACI Learning's CPO, he continues to deliver innovative training to IT professionals. His credentials include Microsoft MCSE, Amazon ACSA, Cisco CCNP, LPI LPIC-2, PMI PMP, and several CompTIA certifications like A+, Network+, Security+, and Linux+.

Zachary Memos: Zachary Memos is a show host with 30+ years of on-camera experience. He brings his wit and charm to the camera while helping bring out the best in the ITProTV subject matter experts.

Product information

  • Title: LPIC-2 Linux Engineer (201-450)
  • Author(s): ACI Learning, Don Pezet, Zachary Memos
  • Release date: March 2024
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781835467503