3RRC Protocol

3.1. System information

The radio characteristics of the serving cell and of the neighboring cells, as well as the alerts are broadcast in the cell by system information.

The system information comprises a Master Information Block (MIB) message and a set of System Information Block (SIB) messages.

Table 3.1 provides the transport characteristics of the MIB message and of SIB messages.

Table 3.1. Message transport related to the system information

The System Information Radio Network Temporary Identifier (SI-RNTI) is used to retrieve the description of the resource allocated to the SIB messages in the Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDSCH). This description is provided by the Physical Downlink Shared Channel (PDCCH).

3.1.1. MIB message

The information provided by the MIB message enables the mobile subsequently to analyze the PDCCH physical channel, initially to retrieve SIB messages. MIB messages contain the following parameters:

dl-Bandwidth: this parameter specifies the bandwidth of the radio channel for the downlink direction, expressed in numbers of Resource Block (RB) in the frequency domain.

phich-Config: this parameter defines the configuration of the Physical HARQ Indication Channel (PHICH).

systemFrameNumber: this parameter defines the eight most significant bits of the frame ...

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