Security for Home Base Station Deployment

To allow for a more efficient usage of the available spectrum, and to allow customer specific deployments (e.g. closed subscriber groups managed by the hosting party of the base station), an extension to UTRAN was specified for base stations serving very small cells. Their coverage is comparable to a WLAN access point and they are deployed similarly within customer premises. These ‘femto’ base stations serving ‘femto cells’ are called Home NodeB, as they are a home version of macro NodeBs. Similarly, an extension to E-UTRAN was specified with femto base stations called Home eNodeB. The service requirements for both types of home base station are specified in [TS22.220]. The technical report [TR23.830] handles architectural aspects of home base stations. The normative text derived from this report is not contained in a separate document, but distributed over the applicable EPS-related specifications.

Support of the standardization work in 3GPP comes from the Femto Forum [FF], a non-profit organization to promote femto cell deployment worldwide within the residential and small and medium enterprise markets. It is comprised of mobile operators, telecoms hardware and software vendors, content providers and others. The Femto Forum is not a standards-defining organization but works in the forefront of standardization, gathering and harmonizing requirements from the stakeholders.

As the definition of the security features for Home NodeBs happened ...

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