List of Equations

Equation 4.1 Nyquist sampling frequency
Equation 4.2 Nyquist sampling period
Equation 4.3 Sampling frequency range
Equation 4.4 Sinc function
Equation 4.5 Pulse bandwidth
Equation 4.6 Sinc function attenuation
Equation 4.7 Product of a sine by a cosine
Equation 4.8 Integral of the product of a sine by a cosine
Equation 4.9 Harmonically related signal orthogonality
Equation 4.10 Constellation states
Equation 4.11 Constellation states using I and Q signals
Equation 4.12 I modulated carrier
Equation 4.13 Q modulated carrier
Equation 4.14 I + Q modulated carrier
Equation 5.1 Sinc function
Equation 5.2 Bandwidth
Equation 5.3 RC filter (time domain)
Equation 5.4 RC filter (frequency domain)
Equation 5.5 Transmitted sinusoid
Equation 5.6 Received sinusoid
Equation 5.7 RF channel response
Equation 5.8 Received signal
Equation 5.9 Free space loss
Equation 5.10 Carrier wavelength
Equation 5.11 Fresnel zone radius
Equation 5.12 Normalization factor
Equation 5.13 ν<=0
Equation 5.14 0<ν<=4
Equation 5.15 ν>4
Equation 5.16 Coherence bandwidth
Equation 5.17 RMS delay spread
Equation 5.18 Coherence bandwidth 50% correlation
Equation 5.19 Coherence bandwidth 90% correlation
Equation 5.20 Coherence bandwidth 25% correlation
Equation 5.21 Fading time due to trees
Equation 5.22 Fading time due to vehicles
Equation 5.23 Doppler frequency change
Equation 5.24 Coherence time
Equation 5.25 Coherence ...

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