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Lumen Programming Guide: Writing PHP Microservices, REST and Web Service APIs

Book Description

Learn to write test-driven microservices, REST APIs, and web service APIs with PHP using the Lumen micro-framework, from the now popular Laravel family. This book shows you how testing APIs can help you write bullet-proof web application services and microservices.

In the Lumen Programming Guide you will learn how to use Lumen—a micro-framework by Laravel—to write bullet-proof APIs. Lumen helps you write productive, maintainable APIs using modern application design. You will learn how to write fully-tested APIs and understand essential Lumen concepts used to build a solid foundation for writing API projects.

What You'll Learn

  • Maintain your API's database structure through built-in database migrations

  • Write tests with factory data in a test database

  • Respond with consistent data output in JSON

  • Deal with PHP exceptions by using JSON responses

  • Create, read, update, and delete REST resources

  • Represent model associations in API responses

  • Build a solid foundation for writing tests with PHPUnit and Mockery

  • Validate data

Who This Book Is For

PHP developers with no Laravel experience. Only a basic understanding of HTTP and writing PHP applications is needed to get started.