The Apple Macintosh personal computer ushered in an age of powerful computer capabilities combined with elegant user experience. More than a quarter-century later, the Macintosh is still going strong, with even more powerful features and more usability, allowing all kinds of users to take advantage of their computers in new and productive ways. The engineers at Apple could not achieve this all by themselves, and so they created and put together tools and libraries of code to give independent software developers the ability to craft Macintosh apps beyond the basic software Apple ships with each Macintosh. And in January 2011, Apple went one step further: The Macintosh App Store opened its virtual doors, giving Macintosh developers a place to market, advertise, and sell their apps to Macintosh users all around the world.

Macintosh Application Development For Dummies shows you how to develop a Mac app from concept to completion, from coding to uploading to the Macintosh App Store where users can find it and buy it.

About This Book

Macintosh Application Development For Dummies is a guide to developing Macintosh applications for Apple’s Mac OS X. This book will show you the paths through the basics of Mac app development so you can create apps that extend the features and functionality of your Macintosh beyond what Apple provides. No Macintosh development experience is required, but familiarity with a programming language such as C, C++, or Java is assumed. The libraries ...

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