Chapter 10

Printing Your User’s Data

In This Chapter

arrow Getting familiar with the Cocoa printing process

arrow Fine-tuning the print settings

arrow Creating and running a print job

arrow Printing to PDF

The Apple Macintosh gives you and your users a wonderfully rich interactive experience with screens, menus, buttons, and many other visual elements users can manipulate onscreen. Your apps will use the graphics engine that Cocoa provides to draw their content on the users’ monitors in clean, crisp pixels. But even though our world is becoming more virtual, some of your users will still want printed output. And that means your apps will have to deliver their content in a physical form, when appropriate. Cocoa gives you the classes and methods you need to provide your users the same pixels they see on the screen right on paper. This chapter will give you all the details for giving your users the paper copies they want.

Cocoa makes it easy for you to add printing features to your applications. The classes and methods you use to produce paper copies of your users’ data are simple, and you can generate professional ...

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