Why Mac at Work?

Because everyone needs an advantage.

A few years ago, I spoke at the American Bar Association’s technology conference about how I use my Mac to run circles around other lawyers. This conference happens once a year and is ground zero for cutting-edge legal technology. When I started talking to these Mac lawyers, however, their ugly secret was revealed: although they were using Macs, the only software they had was Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They were missing out on all the fantastic Mac software. It was like buying a Ferrari, but only driving it in the parking lot.

The Apple Macintosh is a fantastic computer. Not just for its traditional constituents (graphics designers, musicians, and students) but for everyone. Macs are some of the best designed computers available today. The operating system, also created by Apple, integrates seamlessly with the hardware. Everything just works. Moreover, there is a rich ecosystem of software developers for the Mac that have adopted Apple’s standard of excellence. Mac software isn’t just functional, it is magnificent.

The word is getting out. Macs are showing up in boardrooms, courtrooms, offices, and even enterprise networks. The Mac is a serious business tool. So can you take advantage of this superior hardware and software to up your game at work? Absolutely. I’ve been using my Mac at work for years.

This book is intended as a resource, not an encyclopedia. You are not going to learn about every Mac ...

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