Chapter 21. Doctor Your Ailing Mac

As impossible as it may be to fathom, your Mac will most likely, at some point, have a problem. Relaying this information might not help me in my bid to join the Mac Geeks of America United (I just made that up), but I feel you must be informed if you are a new computer user or simply a new Mac user. While it is true that Macs typically have far fewer troubles and much less maintenance costs than PCs, they are still devices created by human hands. In other words, at some point something will go wrong. This chapter is all about fixing those pesky issues that crop up from time to time. I also tell you about some other great places you can venture to for more help should you need it.

There is one key to troubleshooting that I always stress in my books or when teaching classes: The number-one worst thing you can do when a problem arises is to panic. When you panic you lose your ability to think clearly, and when your Mac is acting up, the last thing you need is to be a problem unto yourself. I know it's in some people's nature to panic in a perceived crisis, but if you want to resolve the issue in the least amount of time, ...

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