Chapter 3. Video and Movies Out of the Box

I’d like to say that movies are easy. After all, all we really need for a movie are three elements: images, sound, and movement. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, with images, sound, and movement, we don’t really have a film, though, do we? We have a slideshow. What else could it be that we’re missing? (And don’t say, “A ticket.” Wisenheimer.)

Of course! The element we’re missing is story. We can’t forget about story. Without story, a movie is just a series of images and maybe some sound. So, to review, our chief tools for movie making number four, not three. To have a movie, we need images, sound, movement, and story.

Oops—one more thing, too. If you ever speak with directors, they’ll inevitably tell you ...

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