Disk Utility

Disk Utility, as the name implies, is a utility for working with disks. Specifically, it can:

  • Provide general information about a disk or volume.

  • Verify and repair a disk or volume.

  • Erase a selected disk or volume.

  • Divide a disk into several volumes or partitions.

  • Set up a RAID disk.

  • Create a blank disk image, or a disk image from a file or a disk.

  • Mount disk images as disks.

  • Burn a disk image to CD-R or DVD-R.

  • Restore a disk from a backup image.

In this part of the chapter, I explain how to use Disk Utility’s most useful features.

✓ Tips

  • A disk is a storage device. A volume is a part of a disk formatted for storing files.

  • A disk image is a single file that contains everything on a disk. You can mount a disk image on your desktop just like ...

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