An Aqua-like X11: OroborOSX

OroborOSX, developed by Adrian Umpleby, is a modified version of the oroborus GNOME-compliant X11 window manager created by Ken Lynch. OroborOSX is designed to make X windows look and behave as much like Aqua as possible.

Although OroborOSX includes a copy of the XDarwin server, it does not include supporting files such as user binaries, headers, and libraries. So, you should install XFree86 before running OroborOSX. Aside from the prerequisite software, one of the most Mac-like features of OroborOSX is its installation.

After unpacking the tarball containing the OroborOSX package, drag the OroborOSX folder to the Applications folder in the Finder. You might also consider adding its icon to the Dock.


Some versions of StuffIt Expander and the OroborOSX package do not play nice together. For best results, you should download the OroborOSX tarball, save it in the /Applications directory, and unpack it there from the command line. For more details about this problem, see the OroborOSX FAQ page at


At the time of this writing, the latest version of OroborOSX is v0.8b2—a pre-Jaguar beta. To prevent XDarwin from crashing, you need to download an update for the xterm from the following web site:

To launch OroborOSX, double-click its icon. Launching OroborOSX also starts XDarwin in the background.

You will notice some differences immediately. ...

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