configd [-b] [-B bundle_ID] [-d] [-t pathname] [-v] 
[-V bundle_ID]

This is the System Configuration Server. configd is normally started as a daemon during the boot process. It monitors changes to network-related items, such as link status, DHCP assignments, PPP connections, and IP configuration, and provides an API for applications to be notified of these changes. To monitor various items, it uses a set of plug-in configuration agents, including the Preferences Monitor, the Kernel Event Monitor, the PPP Controller Agent, the IP Configuration Agent, and the IP Monitor Agent. The agent plug-ins are located in /System/Library/SystemConfiguration.

More information on the System Configuration framework can be found at



Disables loading of all agents.


Disables loading of the specified agent.


Disables daemonization; runs process in foreground.


Loads the agent specified by pathname.


Enables verbose logging.


Enables verbose logging for the specified agent.

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