jot [option] [repetitions [begin [end [seed]]]]

Generates a list of random or sequential data repetitions lines long. Sequential lists start from the number given in the begin value and finish with the end value. Random data is generated using the seed value seed.



Generate random data. jot generates sequential data by default.

-b word

Print word only.

-w word

Print word along with the other generated data.


Print ASCII character equivalents instead of numbers.

-s string

Print the list separated by string instead of by newlines, the default.


Don’t print a trailing newline character at the end of the list.

-p precision

Print the data using the number of digits or characters specified by the number precision.


Return a list of sequentially numbered names:

% jot -w box- 20 1 20

Return the ASCII values of numbers 43 to 52:

% jot -c 10 43 52

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