Applications and Utilities

Apple has included a set of native applications and utilities for Mac OS X, including the famous iApps (iMovie, iPhoto, and iTunes; future releases will most likely include iCal and iSync as well).

There are applications for such things as viewing and printing PDF files, basic word processing, sending and receiving email, and creating movies, as well as utilities to help you manage your system.

Use the Finder to locate the Applications (/Applications) and Utilities (/Applications/Utilities) on your system. You can quickly go to the Applications folder either by clicking on the Applications icon in the toolbar or by using the Shift-

Applications and Utilities

-A keyboard shortcut. Because there is no keyboard shortcut to the Utilities, you might consider dragging the Utilities folder icon to the Finder toolbar.


The following is a list of the programs found in the Applications directory:

Acrobat Reader

This is Adobe Systems’ application for viewing and printing PDF files.

Address Book

This is a database program you can use to store contact information for your friends and colleagues.


This folder contains all the tools necessary for writing AppleScripts. If you’ve downloaded or installed the Developer Tools (see Section 3.3), you will also have the ability to build applications using AppleScript Studio.


The Calculator application that ships with Jaguar ...

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