From Slideshow to Video Presentation

Make a slideshow into a video presentation using the combined power of iMovie, iPhoto, and iTunes.

The so-called media iApps — iMovie, iPhoto, and iTunes — actually form an ad hoc integrated development environment (IDE) for creating digital content. You probably didn’t realize this because Apple’s marketing focus to consumers is simplicity, not integrated environments. But there’s certainly more to the iApps than initially meets the eye.

This hack shows you how these components work together by making an iPhoto slideshow into a full-fledged video presentation. All you need is a decent digital camera, a stack of music CDs, and Mac OS X.

Using Just One Leg of a Three-Legged Stool

During a recent iPhoto workshop, I learned that many of the participants hadn’t opened iMovie or played much with iTunes. When I asked, “Why not?” I heard responses such as, “I don’t own a DV camcorder or an iPod, so why would I need those apps?”

I realized that many creative people have been influenced by Apple’s consumer marketing that aims to keep things simple in order to appeal to the greatest number of potential customers. But the iApps are better than that. Beneath their tantalizing GUI lurk powerful tools capable of producing professional quality media, especially when used as a group. So, let’s take a look at how to get some serious work done with this trio of digital media programs.

Get Your Toolbox in Order

If you don’t have Jaguar (10.2) yet, that’s ...

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