Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts

On the Mac (as with Windows and Linux desktops), you have two ways to invoke commands in the GUI: by using the menus or by issuing shortcuts for the commands on the keyboard. Not every menu item has a keyboard accelerator, but for the ones that do—the more common functions—using the keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time.

Aside from its application menu, the Finder has these menus in its menu bar:

  • The Finder’s application menu

  • File

  • Edit

  • View

  • Go

  • Window

  • Help

The commands found in these menus are highlighted in Tables 2-4 through 2-10. While most of these commands function the same across all applications, the functions of some, such as Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts-B and Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts-I, can vary between programs, and others may work only when the Finder is active. For example, Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts-B in Microsoft Word turns on boldface type or makes a selection bold, while in Xcode, Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts-B builds your application. Likewise, Menus and Keyboard Shortcuts-I in Word italicizes a word or selection, while hitting -I after selecting a file, folder, or application ...

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