Developer Applications

These Aqua applications all exist within /Developer/Applications:

Graphics Tools

This folder contains tools for use with OpenGL programming:

OpenGL Driver Monitor

Displays information about the current machine’s graphics card and its OpenGL capabilities.

OpenGL Profiler

Analyzes running OpenGL programs.

OpenGL Shader Builder

A shader tool for use with OpenGL development.


Presents you with a magnified view of the pixels directly underneath the mouse pointer, which can serve as an aid in designing custom GUI elements.

Java Tools

This folder contains useful tools for Java developers:

Jar Bundler

This utility allows Java developers to package their program’s files and resources into a single double-clickable application.


A simple, column-view browser that lets you navigate through the various Java classes installed on your machine. You can view their APIs (including methods, fields, and constructors) as well as their documentation and source code, if available.

By default, the browser knows about several dozen class paths across your filesystem (largely in the /System domain). Select JavaBrowserPreferences to add more class paths.

Performance Tools

Here you’ll find a suite of applications you can use to help optimize and debug your code, including the CHUD Tools and benchmark software.


Named after C’s malloc (memory allocation) function, this application lets you browse the sizes of memory structures within a running application. This can be a great ...

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