Mac OS X Power Hound, Second Edition

Book description

Mac OS X has captured the attention of consumers and programmers alike with its ability to run existing Mac programs along with Unix and Open Source software. The latest version, Panther, includes more than a hundred new features and improves many of the technologies underlying Mac OS X, including graphics and the Unix-based core. With more than 500 power tips and tricks for Mac aficionados like yourself, Mac OS X Power Hound, Panther Edition helps you unleash the power of Panther. Mac OS X Panther is a complex and powerful operating system with a personality all its own. To make your computing experience with Panther as efficient and enjoyable as possible, you need to learn its secrets, appreciate its idiosyncrasies, and be able to customize it to your needs and wants. Author Rob Griffiths shows you how. Creator and editor of the extremely popular Mac OS X Hints Web site (, Griffiths knows Panther inside and out. His Mac OS X Power Hound lifts the hood on the sleek and elegant, Formula-One-powered operating system and delivers over 500 high-octane secrets in every conceivable category, including the Desktop and Finder, iApps, Mac OS X programs, Mastering the system and Terminal, and much more. Consider this book your pit crew, helping you find easier, faster, and better ways of using the Finder, the Dock, the assortment of programs that come with Mac OS X, and a bunch of programs that don't. And if you want to become your own master mechanic, it also includes two rich chapters on Unix, the engine under Mac OS X's hood. With this collection of stand-alone hints, notes, tips, and tricks--every one of them organized, indexed, tested for compatibility with the latest version of Mac OS X 10.3, and, in many cases, illustrated--you'll rapidly progress from an anybody-can-do-this user to a power user.

Table of contents

  1. Mac OS X Power Hound, 2nd Edition
    1. The Missing Credits
      1. About the Author
      2. About the Creative Team
      3. Acknowledgements
    2. Introduction
      1. How this Book Works
      2. Some Experience Required
      3. About → These → Arrows
      4. Gaffes and Goofs
      5. Some Groundwork
        1. Digging Around in Programs
        2. Dragging a Text File into TextEdit
        3. Terminal Basics
        4. The Defaults Command
        5. Installing the Developer Tools
    3. 1. Designing Your World
      1. Startup and Shutdown
        1. Keyboard Login
        2. Automatic Login
        3. The Listless Login Screen
        4. Startup Items Tricks
        5. The Login Screen “Marquis”
        6. Quick Restart, Shut Down, and Log Out
        7. Restart, Shut Down, or Sleep Keystrokes
        8. Restart/Sleep/Shut Down Dialog Box
      2. Display and Sound
        1. Opening Sound and Displays Panels
        2. The Volume-Changing Click
        3. Disable Touch-Sensitive Switches on Apple LCDs
      3. Window Tricks
        1. Docking Multiple Windows
        2. Insta-Closing Multiple Windows
        3. Moving Background Windows
        4. Bringing Program Windows Forward
        5. Three Scroll Bar Stunts
        6. Double Arrows on Both Ends
      4. Menulets
        1. Menulet Basics
        2. The Secret Eject Icon
      5. Setting Up
        1. Saving Memory
        2. Printer Sharing
        3. System Maintenance
        4. Apple Help
    4. 2. The Finder and Desktop
      1. Finder Basics
        1. The Many Faces of the Finder
        2. Insta-Sort
        3. Erasing Disks
        4. Window Size and Location
        5. List View
        6. Column View
        7. Resizing the Columns
        8. Viewing Full File Names
        9. More Icons in a Column
        10. A Second Line of File Info
        11. Window Backgrounds
        12. Making Column View Speedier
        13. Previewing Multimedia Files
        14. Get Info vs. the Inspector
        15. Temporarily Overriding “Snap to grid”
        16. Custom Icons
        17. Nixing Zoom Effects
        18. Rearrange Third-Party Shortcut Menu Items
        19. A Quit Menu in the Finder
        20. Showing Hidden Files
        21. Printing Finder Windows I
        22. Printing Finder Windows II
        23. Printing Finder Windows III
        24. Making Printing Easier
        25. Undo
      2. Navigating the Finder
        1. Keyboard Shortcuts
        2. The Multibutton Mouse
        3. Secrets of the Scrolling Mouse
        4. Scrolling Diagonally
        5. Canceling a Drag-and-Drop
        6. Opening the Home Folder
        7. Opening Sidebar Folders in New Windows
        8. Jumping Directly to Folders
      3. Aliases
        1. Aliases by Dragging
        2. Finding the Original
      4. The Finder Toolbar
        1. Removing or Shrinking the Toolbar
        2. Customizing the Toolbar
        3. Folders on the Toolbar
        4. Heavily Used Toolbar Icons
        5. The Permanence of Server Icons
      5. Working with Files and Folders
        1. Copying by Dragging
        2. Copying by Pasting
        3. Copying System Folders
        4. How Much Stuff Is in the Trash?
        5. Search the Trash, too!
        6. Find Items with Spaces at the Start of Their Names
        7. Spring-Loaded Folders
        8. Return of the Pop-up Windows
        9. Renaming Files Without Delay
        10. Weird Sorts
        11. Editing Multiple File Names
        12. Folder Action Scripts
        13. A Folder Action Script to Organize the Desktop
        14. Open the Finder Selection in the Terminal
        15. Renaming System Folders
        16. Unused Languages: Your Free Megabytes
      6. Desktop Interior Design
        1. Changing the Screen Behind the Login Window
        2. Screen Saver Photos as a Desktop Background
        3. Extra-Large Desktop Icons
        4. Screen Saver Animations as the Finder Background
    5. 3. The Dock
      1. The Dock Makeover
        1. Adding Icons
        2. Removing Icons
        3. Resizing the Dock
        4. Hiding the Dock
        5. Moving the Dock to the Side
        6. The Top-Mounted Dock
        7. Changing the Minimize Animation
        8. Pinning the Dock to a Corner
        9. Differentiating Hidden Programs
        10. Adding Quit to the Dock’s Finder Icon
      2. Working with the Dock
        1. Keyboard Combos
        2. Switching Applications While Dragging Icons
        3. Single-Window Minimization
        4. Minimizing All Windows
        5. Closing Minimized Windows
        6. Recovering from a MicroDock
        7. An AppleScript to Restart the Dock
      3. Random Acts of Coolness
        1. The Colored Poof
        2. The Customized Trash Can
        3. Supersizing Magnified Dock Icons
        4. Minimizing and Maximizing in Slow Motion
        5. Killing the Dock
    6. 4. Programs
      1. Managing Programs
        1. Hide Others I
        2. Hide Others II
        3. Hide Others III
        4. Leave Your Programs Open
        5. Switching Programs
        6. Bouncing Between Two Programs
        7. Prevent Accidental Window Closure
      2. Exposé
        1. Fun with the Floating Desktop Blob
        2. Change Exposé’s Show Desktop Behavior
        3. See Exposé Effects in Slow Motion
        4. Activate Exposé with a Multi-Button Mouse
        5. Use Exposé in Two Different Modes
        6. Move Hidden Files into Hidden Windows
        7. Create Text Clippings via Exposé
        8. Show One Window at a Time
        9. Use Exposé and -Tab Together
      3. General Productivity
        1. Open and Save Dialog Boxes
        2. Shortcuts in Open and Save Dialog Boxes
        3. Jump to Any Folder from the Save As Dialog Box
        4. Folder-Jumping Keyboard Shortcuts in Save Dialog Boxes
        5. Other Save and Open Keystrokes
        6. Jump to the Top or Bottom of Menus and Lists
        7. Scroll Either Direction with One Mouse Click
        8. Speed Up the Display of Sheets
        9. Is that Document Saved?
        10. Creating PDF Files
        11. Creating a Software Library
        12. Dragging and Dropping Text
        13. The Script Menu
          1. Address Book scripts
          2. Finder scripts
          3. Folder actions
          4. Info scripts
          5. Internet services
          6. Mail scripts
          7. Sherlock scripts
        14. Capturing Screenshots
        15. Reassigning Documents to New Parents
          1. Reassigning a certain document—once
          2. Reassigning a certain document—permanently
          3. Reassigning all documents of this type
        16. Text-Box Selection Tricks
        17. Speak Selected Text in Any Application
      4. Printing, Fonts, and Text
        1. Custom Print Settings
        2. View a Minimalist Font Panel
        3. Set Relative Font Scaling in Cocoa Programs
        4. Install Windows Fonts Without Conversion
        5. Unicode Characters
        6. Narrowing Down the Character Palette
        7. Capture Colors Anywhere Onscreen
        8. Create a Customized Color Palette
        9. New Spelling Words
        10. Changing the Spell Check Language
      5. Classic
        1. Printing on Unsupported Mac OS X Printers
        2. Opening Mac OS 9’s Menu and Control Panels
        3. Sharing Settings between Classic and Mac OS X Programs
        4. Speeding the Opening of Classic
          1. Extensions to leave on
        5. Speeding Your System with Two Mac OS 9 Folders
        6. Running Classic from a Disk Image
      6. Troubleshooting
        1. Trashing Preferences
        2. A Separate Account for Troubleshooting
        3. The System Build and Serial Numbers
    7. 5. System Preferences
      1. System Preferences
        1. Adding New Preference Panes
        2. Removing Preference Panes
        3. Alphabetizing Preference Panes
        4. System Preferences from the Dock
        5. Customizing the Toolbar
        6. Resizing Toolbar Icons
        7. Adding Separators and Spaces to the Toolbar
        8. Eliminating the Toolbar
        9. Renaming the System Preference Categories
      2. Accounts
        1. Limiting Account Privileges
          1. Limit the programs
          2. Limit the features
          3. Limit the interface (Simple Finder)
      3. CDs & DVDs
        1. Make Things Happen at Login
      4. Date & Time
        1. Setting the Time
        2. Exiting Military Time
        3. The Menu Bar Calendar
      5. Desktop & Screen Saver
        1. The Desktop Picture
      6. Keyboard
        1. Full Keyboard Navigation of Your Mac
      7. Software Update
        1. Stifling Irrelevant Software Updates
        2. Storing Apple Software Updates
      8. Speech
        1. Minimizing the Speech Feedback Window
        2. Prefix-Free Spoken Alerts
      9. Universal Access
        1. Zooming In on the Screen
        2. Tappy-Type Sounds
        3. Modifier-Key Ghost Reminders
    8. 6. Networking
      1. Making Connections
        1. Speed Up Network Volume Browsing
        2. Location Files for Quick Remote Mac Connections
      2. .Mac and iDisk
        1. Connecting to the iDisk from Windows
        2. Use .Mac Slideshow Images as Desktop Backgrounds
      3. Remote Connections
        1. Long-Distance File Sharing
        2. Secure Shell for Remote Connections
          1. The Terminal way
          2. The easy way
        3. Password-Free Secure Remote Connections
      4. File Sharing
        1. Monitoring File-Sharing Activity
        2. Sharing Folders with Other Mac Users
        3. Unsharing Your Public Folder
        4. Finding Your Ethernet Address
    9. 7. Mail
      1. The Mail Window
        1. Moving the Mailbox Drawer
        2. Customizing the Columns
        3. The Drawer’s Shortcut Menu
        4. Mousing to the Activity Viewer
        5. Intelligent Searches
        6. Speedy Searches
        7. Apple’s Mail Development Team
        8. Rewriting Mail, the Program
      2. Reading Mail
        1. Leaving Messages Marked as Unread
        2. A Little Privacy, Please
        3. Remove Junk Mail Without Viewing It
        4. Force Messages into Plain Text Mode
        5. Messages in Other Formats
        6. Copy a Portion of a Hyperlink
        7. Pop-Open Folders
        8. Quickly View an Email Reply
        9. Mail from Multiple Mailboxes
        10. View Complete Conversation Threads
        11. View Messages by Thread Without Using Thread View
        12. Delete Messages on any Schedule
        13. Deleting Messages in a Completely Unexpected Manner
        14. Preserving Your Junk Mail Brains
        15. Change Mail’s Sounds
        16. “You’ve Got Mail, O Wise One”
      3. Sending Mail
        1. Quoting Portions of Emails in Replies
        2. Send a Message to an Address Book Group
        3. Toggling Between Reply and Reply All
        4. Resending a Message
        5. Blind Carbon Copy and Reply-To Fields
        6. Sending Messages Later
        7. Sending a File from the Finder
        8. Copying Entire Folders
      4. Troubleshooting
        1. Preventing Mailbox Overflow
        2. Incomplete Message Error
        3. Diagnosing Opening-Sequence Crashes
    10. 8. iTunes
      1. Mini Modes
        1. Set the Playback Volume with a Scroll Wheel Mouse
        2. Control iTunes in the Background
        3. Become an iTunes Power User: Read the Help!
        4. Reduce CPU Usage on Slower Processors
        5. Quicker Resizing
        6. The Column Shortcut Menu
        7. Changing the Displayed Play Time
        8. Renaming the Library
        9. How to Rip Multiple CDs
        10. Splitting a Song
        11. Fun and Games with the iTunes About Box
      2. The iTunes Music Store
        1. Change the Behavior of the Gray Arrow Links
        2. View Your Account Information
        3. Listen to Music While Downloading Videos
        4. Save Videos and Trailers After Viewing
      3. Navigating iTunes
        1. Controlling iTunes Through the Dock
        2. Marking or Unmarking All Songs
        3. Keyboard Navigation of Song Playback
        4. Keyboard Navigation of the Library and Playlists
        5. Keyboard Navigation of the Info Window
        6. Hover Focus
        7. Cranking It Up (or Down)
        8. Controlling Dialog Boxes with a Keystroke
        9. Clearing Searches
        10. Keyboard Control
        11. Extended Help Labels
      4. The Visualizer
        1. Add Your Own Visualizers
        2. Keyboard Controls for the Visualizer
        3. Commemorate a Visual
      5. Songs and Playlists
        1. The Song List Shortcut Menu
        2. Playing a Song Without Adding It to the Library
        3. Import a CD as One Continuous Song
        4. View Cover Art While Listening to a Song
        5. Collecting Cover Art
        6. Store More than One Image per Song
        7. Let iChat Tell the World About Your Musical Tastes
        8. Seeing into the Future
        9. Deleting a Playlist Without a Warning
        10. Delete from Playlists and the Library
        11. Reshuffling a Playlist
        12. Skipping Albums During Random Play
        13. Radio Stations
        14. Moving Songs to the Top of a Playlist
        15. Burning MP3 CDs
        16. The Browser
        17. Creating a Playlist from the Browser
        18. Printing a Playlist
      6. Smart Playlists
        1. Playlists that Play All Songs Once
        2. Keep Track of iTunes Music Store Purchases
        3. Monitor Required Backups Using a Smart Playlist
        4. Add Some Logic Capabilities to Smart Playlists
        5. Install Free iTunes-Related Fonts
        6. Modifying Random Playlists
    11. 9. iPhoto 4
      1. The Basics
        1. Speeding Up iPhoto
        2. Rotating Clockwise
        3. Zooming In
        4. Sideways Zooming
        5. Long Comments
        6. Commenting Rolls, Albums, or the Library
        7. Banish Minuet in G
        8. View a Slideshow in a Window
        9. Editing Windows I
        10. Editing Windows II
        11. Before and After Pictures
        12. Backing Up the Preferences File
      2. Libraries
        1. The Library Location
        2. Multiple Libraries
        3. Libraries on Removable Hard Drives
      3. Film Rolls
        1. Faster Scrolling Through Collapsing
        2. Changing a Film Roll’s Title, Date, and Comments
        3. Selecting a Whole Film Roll
      4. Albums
        1. Create a Smart Album for General Searching
        2. A Quick Shortcut for Creating Smart Albums
        3. Browsing Albums for Desktop Images
        4. Drag Photos to Create a New Album
        5. Selecting Multiple Photo Albums at Once
        6. Merged Albums
      5. Books
        1. Exporting Book Pages as Image Files
        2. Printing Books as PDF Files
        3. Edit the Album as You Go
        4. Intro Pages Anywhere
      6. Working with Other Programs
        1. Emailing Photos
        2. Shorter URLs for Exported Slideshows
    12. 10. The Other iApps
      1. iCal
        1. Multiline Entries
        2. View Any Number of Days at Once
        3. Take Advantage of the Scroll Wheel Mouse
        4. Take Advantage of the Keyboard
        5. Open the Main iCal Window via the Keyboard
        6. Change iCal’s Email Messages
        7. Moving Events from One Calendar to Another
        8. Useful Calendars from Apple
        9. Merging Calendars
        10. Replacing iCal’s Dock Icon
        11. Setting Identical Window Sizes
      2. iChat
        1. Prevent Premature Chat Closure
        2. Adding Buddies to the Buddy List
        3. Moving Buddies to a New Screen Name
        4. Creating Your Own Image Icon
        5. Display Your AIM Screen Name or .Mac Account Name
        6. Disable Certain Emoticons
        7. Use Emoticons in Status Messages
        8. Create Multiline Messages
        9. Send Messages to Cellphones
        10. Stream Prerecorded Videos
        11. Watch Disk Space Usage When You Log
        12. Spell Checking
        13. Chat Rooms for Group Discussions
        14. Changing the Chat Background
        15. Bring Back Image Pasting
        16. Opening Transferred Images
      3. iDVD
        1. Making iDVD Fonts Available in Other Programs
        2. Using Apple’s Theme Movies in Custom Themes
        3. Burning Projects to DVD-RW Discs
        4. Hiding iDVD While Burning a Disc
        5. Put iDVD on a Diet
      4. iMovie
        1. Free Add-Ons
        2. Synchronizing Still Images
        3. Import Images and Clips Ordered by File Name
        4. Hiding iMovie While It Renders
        5. Removing Extraneous iMovie Help Files
        6. Reduce Startup Time
    13. 11. Other Apple Goodies
      1. Address Book
        1. Quick Entries from Mail
        2. Sharing Palm Contacts with Address Book
        3. Viewing Group Members While Creating a Group
        4. Which Group Is this Contact in?
        5. Maps and Other Nifty Tricks
        6. Phonetic Name Fields
        7. To-Do Calls in iCal from Address Book
        8. Perform Reverse Phone Number Lookups
        9. Reveal a Contact’s Age in Years
        10. Check the Weather in a Contact’s Town
      2. Apple System Profiler
        1. Quick Access to Apple System Profiler
      3. Calculator
        1. The Talking Calculator
        2. The Graphing Calculator and Other Hidden Modes
        3. Large-Type Calculations
        4. Unit and Currency Conversions
        5. The Tale of the Tape
      4. ColorSync Utility
        1. Reduce the Size of Photo-Laden PDFs
          1. When-the-PDF-is-created method
          2. After-the-PDF-is-created method
      5. Disk Utility
        1. Dragging Your Way to Disk Images
        2. Speed-Mounting Disk Images
        3. Stop Special Treatment of “Internet-Enabled” Disk Images
        4. CD-Free Laptop Gaming
        5. Password-Protect a Folder
        6. Create a Password-Protected Blank Disk Image
        7. Burning a Multisession CD
      6. Font Book
        1. Get Detailed Font Information
        2. Reveal All Font Faces at Once
      7. Image Capture
        1. Create Web Galleries from Existing Images
        2. Share Scanners and Cameras Across the Network
      8. Keynote
        1. Borrowing Images from Apple’s Themes
        2. Create 3 5 Cue Cards
      9. Preview
        1. Browsing Multiple Images at Once
        2. Control the Display Order when Opening Multiple Images
        3. Zoom in Smaller Increments
        4. Navigating PDF Documents
        5. Selecting Columnar Text
        6. The Image Format Factory
        7. Clipboard Graphics
        8. Extracting One Page from a Multipage PDF Document
      10. Printer Setup Utility
        1. Dragging Print Jobs Between Printers
      11. Stickies
        1. Creating Sticky Notes from Within Other Programs
        2. Calling All Stickies!
        3. The Floating Sticky
        4. Collapsing Notes to Conserve Screen Space
        5. Back Up Your Stickies Database
        6. QuickTime Movies in Stickies Notes
      12. TextEdit
        1. Editing HTML Documents
        2. The Secret Zoom Command
        3. Navigation Shortcuts
        4. The Quickest Kind of Search
        5. Insert Page-Break Symbols
        6. Only Replace Strings in Selected Text
    14. 12. Web Browsers
      1. Hints for All Browsers
        1. Dragging and Dropping URLs
        2. Dock-Launched Web Pages
        3. Address Bar as Launcher
        4. Open Multiple Web Sites at Once
        5. PDF Files in Your Browser
        6. Keyboard Control of Links
        7. Favorites on Your Personal Toolbar
        8. Google Searching in Your Browser
        9. Tabbed Browsing
        10. Tab Groups
        11. Internet Shortcuts
      2. Internet Explorer Hints
        1. Refresh Options
        2. A Good Scrolling Trick
        3. A Warning About Web Page Printouts
        4. Tricks for Opening New Windows
        5. Starting Downloads
        6. Downloading Files with Long Names
        7. Icons on the Toolbar
          1. The convenient way
          2. The inconvenient way
        8. PNG Files in New Windows
        9. Page Holder I
        10. Page Holder II: Google
      3. Safari Hints
        1. The Master Keyboard-Shortcut List
        2. Use Window Management Shortcuts from the Address Bar
        3. Automatic Window Size and Position
        4. Modify the Bookmarks Menu’s Window-Opening Behavior
        5. Recover from an Accidental Open-in-Tabs Operation
        6. Close All Open Tabs in a Hurry
        7. Stop a Page from Loading
        8. Quick Address Selection I
        9. Quick Address Selection II
        10. Quick Address Selection III
        11. Quick Bookmarks
        12. Browsing Recent History
        13. Use Safari with the Address Bar Hidden
        14. Navigating a Site via the Title Bar
        15. Google Search Features I
        16. Google Search Features II
        17. Google Search Features III
        18. Google Search Features IV
        19. Bookmark Folders
        20. Create Tabs via URL Drag and Drop
        21. A Keyboard Shortcut for the Bookmarks Bar
        22. Searching History and Bookmark Folders
        23. Bookmarking Folders for Fast Access
        24. Status Bar for Full Link Information
        25. Easily Save Embedded Objects
        26. Paste Directly into Safari’s Downloads Window
        27. Get the Web Address of Downloaded Files
        28. Display Safari’s Download Speed
        29. Monitor Download Progress in the Finder
        30. Open Downloads Directly from Safari
        31. Recover an Accidentally Deleted Downloads List
        32. Create Temporary Cookies
        33. Deleting Entries from Safari’s History
        34. Clearing Favicon.ico Files
        35. Emailing URLs from Safari I
        36. Emailing URLs from Safari II
        37. Add the Missing Print Button
        38. Create Custom Clicked-Link Outlines
        39. The Debugging Menu
          1. The easy way
          2. The Terminal way
        40. An End to Brushed Metal
          1. Method 1: If you’ve installed Developer Tools
          2. Method 2: Doing without Developer Tools
      4. OmniWeb Hints
        1. Web Pages as PDF Files
        2. Opening a New Window Containing the Current Page
        3. Shortcuts
        4. Death to Pop-Up Ads
        5. Death to On-Page Advertisements
        6. Learning HTML Techniques
      5. Mozilla, Netscape, Camino, and Firefox Hints
        1. Tabbing Around a Page
        2. Jumping to Your Home Page
        3. Filling Out Forms
        4. Browser Interior Decoration
        5. Using an External Mail Program
        6. MultiZilla
        7. MultiZilla and Google
      6. Camino-Only Hints
        1. Copying Tabs
        2. Get Quick Access to Bookmarks via the Dock
    15. 13. Other Applications
      1. Acrobat Reader 6
        1. Greatly Reduce Acrobat Reader 6 Startup Time
      2. BBEdit
        1. Editing System Files
        2. Listing Files I
        3. Listing Files II
        4. Keyboard Scrolling
        5. Scroll Bar Acceleration
      3. DragThing
        1. Nix the Fades
        2. Indicate Active Programs
        3. The DragThing Easter Egg
      4. Microsoft Office 2004
        1. Long File Names in Older Versions of Office
        2. The Treachery of Damaged Fonts
        3. Zooming Word Documents
        4. Generate Text Strings in Word
        5. Listing Word’s Keyboard Shortcuts
        6. Speeding Up Scrolling (Office X)
        7. The Live Word Count Problem
        8. PowerPoint 4.0 Files in PowerPoint 2004
        9. Importing Entourage 2001 Data into Entourage 2004
        10. Entourage Notes to Stickies
        11. Easy Email Attachments
      5. Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
        1. Zooming with a Scroll-Wheel Mouse
        2. Speeding Up Batch Conversions
        3. Force Adobe Help Files to Open in Another Browser
      6. Quicken
        1. Create Customized Keyboard Shortcuts
      7. SnapzPro X
        1. Saving Screenshots to Any Location
        2. DVD Screenshots
        3. Going Pro
        4. Smoother “Follow Cursor” Movie Captures
    16. 14. Add-Ons Worth Adding
      1. Make Mac OS X Feel Like Mac OS 9
        1. The Mac OS 9 Menu
        2. Sound Sets
        3. Window Shades
        4. The Application Menu
        5. Putting that Old Scanner Back to Work
      2. Program Launchers and Switchers
        1. Keyboard Launching
        2. Can a Butler Help You Use Your Computer?
        3. Storing Stuff in Drawers
      3. Expanding Your Mac OS X Experience
        1. Hidden System Preferences
        2. Display System Information in the Menu Bar
        3. Optimize AirPort Connections
        4. The Silence of the Dock
        5. Improving Open and Save Dialog Boxes
        6. Hasten the File Renaming Process
        7. Access Application Menus Anywhere Onscreen
        8. Customized Pop-Up Menus
        9. Replacing the Finder
        10. More than One Clipboard
      4. Other Programs
        1. Creating a Bootable Backup
        2. Free DVD Screen Grabs
        3. Installing Individual Programs from the Mac OS X Discs
        4. Installing a Full-Featured FTP Server
        5. Teach Your Laptop’s Trackpad New Tricks
        6. Professional Charts
        7. Mighty Morphing
        8. Mouse Gestures
      5. Explore the Possibilities
    17. 15. Useful Unix Hints
      1. Unix Basics
        1. The Lowdown on the Mac OS X Filesystem
      2. Terminal Shortcuts
        1. Say Hello to Your New Shell: bash
        2. Change Your Shell in Panther
        3. Specify a Path by Dragging
        4. When to Use the Mouse
        5. Tab Completion
        6. The History
        7. Kill Your Command History
        8. Wildcards
        9. Directory Switching
        10. Special Keys
        11. Inserting Boilerplate Text with bash
        12. Using Directory Name Autocorrection
        13. File Names that Contain Spaces
        14. Going Back Home
        15. Save Time Typing
        16. Mouse-Free Copying
        17. Mouse-Free Pasting
        18. Remove Formatting
      3. Window Administration
        1. Changing Window and Font Colors
        2. Instant Double-Clickable Terminal Commands
        3. Opening Saved Terminal Windows in the Dock
        4. A Library of Terminal Windows
        5. Open a New Terminal Window in the Current Directory
        6. Dragging Text Between Terminal Windows
      4. Manipulating Commands
        1. The Master List of Commands and Programs
        2. Create a List of All Your Files
        3. Searching Your History
        4. Browsing Your History
        5. Running the Previous Command as the Superuser
        6. Fixing Minor Errors in the Previous Command
        7. Editing Commands in Your History
        8. Manage Your History File
        9. New Commands Using Aliases
        10. Creating a Safety Net for Dangerous Commands
      5. Administering the Mac
        1. Your Mac’s True Unix Heritage
        2. Log Files in Real Time
        3. Pausing CPU-Hungry Background Programs
        4. Maintenance Scripts on Demand
        5. Complete Backups
        6. Securely Delete Files from Terminal
        7. Find Out What’s Filling Up Your Hard Disk
        8. Identifying Generic Files
        9. What Version of Mac OS X?
        10. Managing Type and Creator Codes
      6. Finder-Terminal: A Joint Venture
        1. Opening the Current Directory in the Finder
        2. Opening URLs from the Command Line
        3. Opening Files from the Command Line
        4. Open a New TextEdit File from the Command Line
        5. locate I
        6. locate II
        7. grep: A Text String
        8. Checking for Resource Forks
        9. Screenshots from Terminal
        10. Downloading Files from Terminal
        11. Software Update in Terminal
        12. Check Software Update Every Day
        13. Which Files Did Software Update Modify?
        14. Create Finder-Compatible Zip Archives from the Command Line
        15. Fast Unzipping from the Command Line
        16. System Preferences
        17. A Quickie Batch File Renamer
      7. Cool Commands
        1. View the Hidden Lord of the Rings Timeline
        2. Checking Dates
        3. The Command-Line Calculator
        4. How Long Has Your Machine Been Running?
        5. A Simple Benchmark Test
        6. top and Other System Speed Indicators
        7. Set a Reminder with leave
        8. Erase Rewritable Optical Disks Easily
        9. Eject CDs from the Command Line
        10. The Incredible Talking Terminal
        11. Merge MP3 Files with the cat Command
      8. Troubleshooting via Terminal
        1. Help! I Can’t Empty My Trash!
        2. Finder or Dock Problems
        3. ^M Characters in Text Files
      9. Terminal Help
        1. The Built-In Unix Manual
        2. The less Pager
        3. Printing Unix Manual Pages I
        4. Printing Unix Manual Pages II
        5. Help for Programs Without Manual Pages
        6. The Developer Tools
        7. Whatis I
        8. Whatis II
      10. Fun Stuff
        1. Customizing Terminal’s Welcome Message
        2. Removing Terminal’s Welcome Message
        3. Terminal as a Reference
        4. Converting from Meters to Feet
        5. A Really Big Banner
        6. Renaming the Trash Can
        7. The Secret Emacs Adventure Game
    18. 16. Intermediate Unix Hints
      1. Terminal for Productivity
        1. The Unix Task Scheduler
        2. Comparing Two Text Files
        3. Modify Power Management Settings with pmset
        4. Setting Permissions on Multiple Files
        5. Create a Disk Image from a Directory in Terminal
        6. Hide an Application from the Command Line
        7. Run System Profiler from the Command Line
        8. Fast User Switching from the Command Line
      2. File Sharing Hints
        1. File Sharing from the Command Line
        2. Sharing Additional Folders with Windows
        3. Protecting Your Windows Shared Folders
      3. Remote Access Hints
        1. Wake a Sleeping Mac Remotely
        2. Limit Which Users Can Access Your Mac via ssh
      4. FTP Hints
        1. Automating FTP Server Logins
        2. Automated FTP Transfers
      5. Shell Hints
        1. Nixing Case-Sensitivity in Autocompletion
        2. Finding Files in the Current Directory
        3. Counting the Files in the Current Directory
        4. Authorizing Alternate Shells to Use FTP Services
        5. Shell Scripts in the Finder
        6. Trace Program Execution in Real Time
        7. Machine-Independent Terminal Sessions
        8. A Command-Line Dictionary Using curl
        9. Customizing Your Shell Prompt
        10. Removing Spaces from File Names
        11. Terminal Window Titles with bash
        12. Fast Switching to Favorite Directories
        13. Enhanced Unix File Utilities
      6. X11 Hints
        1. Use X11 in Full-Screen Mode
        2. Use Exposé to Switch Back to Aqua Apps
        3. Set Xterm Dimensions
        4. Access Xterm Options
        5. Getting X11 Applications with Fink
        6. Install and Use the Gimp
        7. A bin Directory for Personal Scripts
      7. Apache and Web Hints
        1. The Apache Web Server Manual
        2. Port Scans from Terminal
        3. Installing a Command-Line Web Browser
        4. For Web Designers Only: An Advanced Development Trick
        5. Jazzing Up Your Site: Server-Side Includes
        6. Parsing Regular HTML Pages for CGI Scripts
        7. Running Apache and SSH Servers on Alternate Ports
          1. The Apache server
          2. The SSH server
        8. A Windows-Sharing Management Tool: SWAT
        9. Apache’s Server Statistics
        10. PHP Scripting on the Apache Web Server
        11. The MySQL Database Server Package
        12. Placing a Forum on Your Web Site
    19. Index
    20. Colophon

Product information

  • Title: Mac OS X Power Hound, Second Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2004
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9780596008185