Internet Explorer Hints

Internet Explorer has been around on the Mac for years. Although its features have been surpassed by a number of browsers—including Apple’s own Safari—there are still some sites that may only load in Internet Explorer. If you’ve tried the other browsers but still prefer IE, the following hints may teach you a few new tricks.

Refresh Options

Just in case you ever need a fourth method of refreshing a Web page—beyond clicking Refresh, pressing

Refresh Options

-R, or choosing View Refresh—pressing F5 also causes the current page to reload.

A Good Scrolling Trick

Internet Explorer teems with ways to scroll a long Web page:

  • Use the scroll bars

  • Press the up and down arrow keys

  • Press the Page Up and Page Down keys

  • Press the Space bar to scroll down a page, or Option-Space to scroll up a page

By far the most satisfying way, however, is to turn the little wheel on the top of your mouse—if you’ve bought a scroll-wheel mouse, that is. This method gives you exact control over how much you scroll (plus, it works with other browsers).

Even if you haven’t bought a non-Apple mouse, you can emulate one by holding down

A Good Scrolling Trick

as you drag inside any empty area of the Web page.

A Warning About Web Page Printouts

If you’ve highlighted some text on a Web page, the highlighting remains visible when you print ...

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