Mac OS X Mavericks: Peachpit Learning Series

Book description

This latest update to the bestselling OS X guide will have you working miracles in no time with Mavericks, which brings popular iOS apps to OS X, including iBooks and Maps. With this comprehensive guide, you can learn in your own way, whether it is working through the lessons from start to finish, jumping straight to step-by-step exercises about new features, or looking up just want you need to know at that moment. there are hundreds of exciting tools and hidden gems in OS X. Author Lynn Beighley uses her gentle, expert instruction to help you find those tools and gems and master them, taking full advantage of all that Mavericks has to offer.

If you are new to OS X, you'll learn the basics of how to use OS X efficiently and joyfully. From there, you can move on to customize Mavericks to suit the way you work. And if you've been using OS X already, you'll learn how to get the most out of iCloud integration, Notifications, Maps, iBooks, Finder tabs, multiple displays, and more.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Contents
  7. Mac OS X Basics for New Mac Users
    1. Lesson 1. Introduction to the Mac OS X Desktop
      1. Get to Know Your Desktop and Finder
      2. Get to Know Your Finder Window
      3. Get to Know Your Sidebar and Its Home Folders
      4. Create Your Own Folders
      5. Take Advantage of the Sidebar
      6. Change the View of the Finder Window
      7. Use Gestures to Navigate Your Mac
      8. Quick Look
      9. Use the Dock
      10. Use the Trash
      11. Take Advantage of Keyboard Shortcuts
      12. Learn More about Mac OS X
    2. Lesson 2. A Bit Beyond the Basics
      1. Understand the Sections of the Sidebar
      2. Understand the Various Library Folders
      3. Select Multiple Items in the Finder
      4. Look for Contextual Menus
      5. Use Finder Tabs
      6. Open and Save As dialog boxes
  8. Mac OS X Applications in Mavericks
    1. Lesson 3. Introduction to Mac OS X Applications
      1. Know Your Applications Folder
      2. Use Launchpad
      3. Know the Common Features of Mac Apps
      4. Full-Screen Apps
      5. Application Integration
      6. What This Book Can’t Cover!
    2. Lesson 4. TextEdit for Word Processing
      1. Create and Save a TextEdit Document
      2. Find and Replace Words or Phrases
      3. Paste Text to Match the Existing Text
      4. Use Your Favorite Text Styles Easily
      5. Tabs and Indents
      6. Create Lists that Number Themselves
      7. Create Tables
      8. Print Automatic Page Numbers
      9. Automatic Spelling Correction
      10. Select Noncontiguous Text
      11. Show Substitutions
      12. Extra Tips and Notes
      13. Read Microsoft Word Files
    3. Lesson 5. Mail for Email and Notes
      1. Set Up a New Email Account
      2. Read Your Email
      3. Compose and Send a Message
      4. Use Stationery to Send Fancy Email
      5. Create Mailboxes to Organize Your Mail
      6. Filter Your Incoming Mail with Rules
      7. VIP Email Addresses
      8. Smart Mailboxes
      9. Add Signatures to Your Messages
      10. Search Your Mail
      11. Check Your Mail Icon
      12. Automatic Data Detection in Messages
      13. Mail Attachments
    4. Lesson 6. Contacts for Keeping Track of People
      1. How You’ll Use Your Contacts
      2. Create and Edit New Cards
      3. Designate Your Own Card
      4. Add Fields to One Card or All Cards
      5. Check Out the Options
      6. Map It
      7. Create a Group
      8. Create Smart Groups in Contacts
      9. Search Your Contacts
      10. Send a Contact Card to Others
      11. Merge Duplicate Cards
      12. Invite Contacts to an Calendar Event
      13. Print in a Variety of Ways
      14. Back Up Your Entire Digital Database
      15. View Multiple Contacts with Exposé
    5. Lesson 7. Safari for Web Browsing
      1. Safari Web Browser
      2. Browse in Full-Screen Mode
      3. Quickly Access Your Top Sites
      5. Bookmarks in a Sidebar
      6. Open an Entire Folder in Tabs
      7. Fill in Forms and Passwords Automatically
      8. Block Pop-Up Windows!
      9. Search with the Address (and Search) Bar
      10. Quickly Enlarge or Reduce a Web Page
      11. Tabbed Browsing
      12. Show All Tabs
      13. Find a Word or Phrase on the Current Page
      14. Message or Email a Web Page or a Link
      15. View PDF Documents
      16. Save a Page and Everything on It
      17. Make a Web Clip Widget
      18. Print Web Pages
      19. Private Browsing
      20. Parental Controls
      21. View the Reader Version of a Page
      22. Make a Reading List
      23. Use Multi-Touch Gestures in Safari
      24. Safari Security
      25. Cool Safari Tips
    6. Lesson 8. Calendar and Reminders for Organizing Your Life
      1. The Calendar Window
      2. Set Up Google, Yahoo!, or Exchange Calendars
      3. Create Calendars
      4. Create a Group of Calendars
      5. Create Events
      6. Sync Calendar with iCloud
      7. Get Calendar Event Notifications
      8. Automatic Birthdays Calendar
      9. Share Your Calendar
      10. Use Calendar in Full-Screen Mode
      11. Back Up the Entire Calendar of Information
      12. Preview Files Attached to Events
      13. Print in a Variety of Ways
      14. Reminders
    7. Lesson 9. Messages and FaceTime for Text, Audio, and Video Messaging
      1. Set Up Messages
      2. Create a Buddies List
      3. Chat with One Other Person
      4. Put Multiple Individual Chats in One Window
      5. Chat with a Group of People All Together
      6. Audio Chat with One or More
      7. Video Chat with Up to Three Other People
      8. Video Effects
      9. Bonjour on Your Local Network
      10. FaceTime
    8. Lesson 10. iTunes for Your Listening Pleasure
      1. The iTunes Window
      2. Buy Music, Movies, or Television Shows
      3. Tune In to Visual Effects
      4. Authorize and Deauthorize Computers
      5. Create a Playlist
      6. Import Songs from a CD
      7. Create a Smart Playlist
      8. Share Your Music
      9. Burn a CD of Your Own Collection
      10. Watch Movies in iTunes
      11. Listen to Radio from around the World
      12. Audiobooks in iTunes
      13. Radio, Genius Playlist, and Genius Sidebar
      14. Print a CD Cover Insert
      15. Expand your Mind with Podcasts and iTunes U
    9. Lesson 11. Preview for Viewing Images, PDFs, and More
      1. Open an Image or Folder of Images
      2. Unlock or Duplicate to Make Versions
      3. Crop an Image
      4. Adjust Image Colors or Size
      5. Make Screenshots Using Preview
      6. Import Images from a Camera or Scanner
      7. Save an Image as Another Format
      8. Working with PDFs
      9. Share from Preview
      10. Print or Fax from Preview
    10. Lesson 12. Maps for Finding Your Way
      1. The Maps App
      2. Set Up Location Services
      3. Map Views
      4. Find Locations
      5. Get Directions
    11. Lesson 13. Miscellaneous Tools on Your Mac
      1. The App Store: A Shop in Your Dock
      2. Use a Burn Folder to Burn a CD or DVD
      3. DVD Player
      4. Create PDF Files
      5. Font Book
      6. Stickies
      7. Notes
      8. Photo Booth
      9. QuickTime Player
      10. AirPlay Mirroring
      11. iBooks
      12. Game Center
      13. Set Up Your Game Center Account
      14. Connect with Friends
    12. Lesson 14. Common Tools in OS X Applications
      1. Spell Checker
      2. Fonts Panel
      3. Characters Viewer
      4. Data Detectors
      5. Colors Panel
      6. Dictation
      7. Speech
      8. Dictionary Panel
      9. Share Sheets
    13. Lesson 15. Working between OS X Applications
      1. Work with Multiple Applications at Once
      2. Simplify Your Work with Drag-and-Drop
      3. Take Advantage of Services
  9. Make It Your Own Mac
    1. Lesson 16. Personalize Your Mac to Meet Your Needs
      1. Customize the Dock
      2. Customize the Finder
      3. Customize the Inside of Finder Windows
      4. Take Advantage of the System Preferences
    2. Lesson 17. Mission Control to Organize Your Space
      1. Mission Control
      2. Take a Look at Dashboard
    3. Lesson 18. Notification Center: Keeping You Informed
      1. Notification Center Keeps You Informed
    4. Lesson 19. Set Up Printing
      1. Set Up Your Printer Before You Print
      2. The First Time You Print to Your Printer
      3. Access the Special Features of Your Printer
      4. Access the Special Features of Your Software
      5. Share Your Printer with Other Macs
      6. Having Trouble Printing? Check the Queue
      7. Check Your Printer Utilities
    5. Lesson 20. Share One Mac with Multiple Users
      1. Overview of Multiple Users
      2. Guest User Is Already Created
      3. Create New Users
      4. Create a Group
      5. Log Out and Log In
      6. Switch Users with a Click
      7. Allow Other Users to Be Admins
      8. Let Users Adjust Their Own Settings
      9. Set Up Login Items
      10. Share Files with Other Users
      11. Set Permissions for Shared Files
      12. Apply Parental Controls
      13. Delete a User
    6. Lesson 21. Find What You Want, Fast—with Spotlight
      1. The Many Faces of Spotlight
      2. But Before You Begin
      3. Spotlight Menu
      4. Spotlight in the Finder
      5. Smart Folders and Spotlight
      6. Spotlight Search in System Preferences
      7. Spotlight Search in Time Machine
      8. Spotlight Search in Mail
      9. Spotlight Search in Contacts
      10. Spotlight Search in an “Open” Dialog
    7. Lesson 22. Time Machine Backup
      1. About Time Machine
      2. Create a Time Machine Backup
      3. How to Use Time Machine
      4. Do a Search in Time Machine
  10. Tech Stuff
    1. Lesson 23. Get Connected and Share Files
      1. How Your Mac Connects to the Internet
      2. Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection
      3. Troubleshoot Your Mail Account
      4. iCloud Automatic Storage and Syncing
      5. Share Files on a Local Network
      6. Connect to Another Mac
      7. Disconnect from a Shared Server
      8. AirDrop
      9. Screen Sharing
      10. Screen Share Globally through Messages
    2. Lesson 24. Basic Troubleshooting
      1. Hard Disk Is Making Noise?
      2. Force Quit an Application
      3. Relaunch the Finder
      4. Quit All Apps before Restart
      5. Restart
      6. Shut Down
      7. Repair Permissions
      8. Verify and Repair Disk
      9. Safe Boot
      10. Delete the Application Preference File
      11. Check for Software Updates
      12. Create Another User and Test
      13. If You Forgot Your Password
      14. Use Target Disk Mode
      15. Force a CD or DVD to Eject
      16. Report Crashes
    3. Lesson 25. Secure Your Mac and Its Files
      1. Know Your Security Options
      2. Passwords on Your Mac
      3. Security System Preferences
      4. Gatekeeper security
      5. Low-Level Security Features
      6. Higher-Level Security Features
      7. Use Keychain Access for Protection
      8. Consider FileVault for Heavy-Duty Protection
      9. Laptop Precautions
    4. Lesson 26. Upgrade Your Mac and Migrate Your Files
      1. Upgrade to Mavericks
      2. Take Advantage of the Utilities in the Installer
      3. Do You Own Two Macs? Migrate!
      4. Other Ways to Transfer Files from Mac to Mac
      5. Remote Install
  11. Index

Product information

  • Title: Mac OS X Mavericks: Peachpit Learning Series
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2013
  • Publisher(s): Peachpit Press
  • ISBN: 9780133569971