Mac OS X Leopard Killer Tips

Book description

Killer Tips books are written with one goal in mind: to allow the reader to work faster and smarter. In other books, you’ll often find that the most useful information is found in sidebars, tips, and notes. In a Killer Tips book, there’s nothing to weed through: it’s all sidebars, tips, and notes! Here, Scott Kelby gives you only the best tips and info on Mac OS X Leopard, covering all of the new features, including Time Machine, the revolutionary and completely unique backup system; Spaces, which allows the user to totally customize different window configurations based on their needs; Spotlight, which now allows the user to search across an entire network (not just the user’s computer); and much more. Scott Kelby’s trademark style—both direct and humorous—is easily accessible to all readers, who will appreciate all the great information here, as well as the book’s clear and focused presentation.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. Acknowledgments Scott Kelby
  3. Acknowledgments Dave Gales
  4. Other Books By Scott Kelby
  5. About the Authors
  6. Five Things you’ll wish you had known before you Read this Book
    1. (1) Why a book of just tips?
    2. (2) So what exactly is a “Killer Tip”?
    3. (3) This book is not really for beginners, but...
    4. (4) Should you read the intro page at the beginning of each chapter?
    5. (5) Where should I start?
  7. 1. Window Wonderland: Cool Window Tips
    1. Set Your Own Picture as the Default Desktop
    2. Uncomfortable with the See-Through Menu Bar?
    3. Open Folders in New Windows
    4. Temporarily Override the Open Folders Preference
    5. Hide the Bars
    6. How to See If You Can Write to a Folder
    7. Go with the Flow (All the Cool People Do)
    8. Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow
    9. Rearranging the Headers in List View
    10. Tell Your Icons Where to Go, Temporarily at Least
    11. Keep Your Out-of-Control Icons in Line
    12. The Double-Click Filename Fix
    13. See a Long Filename without Widening the Column
    14. Getting Rid of the Preview Column
    15. In Love with a View? Make It Permanent
    16. Thumbnail Previews for Icons
    17. Different Views for Different Windows
    18. Scroll Non-Active Windows
    19. Close Multiple Windows with One Click
    20. Minimizing Multiple Windows at Once
    21. Instantly Hide an Application’s Open Windows
    22. See Application Windows One at a Time
    23. Customize (and Un-Customize) the Toolbar
    24. Too Many Icons on the Toolbar? Shrink ‘Em
    25. Making Toolbar Icons Sticky
    26. How to Make the Sidebar Work Like the Dock
    27. The Sidebar’s Space-Saving Icon View
    28. Take a Quick Look at Any File
    29. Preview Multiple Items with an Instant Slide Show
    30. View Thumbnails of All Your Items at Once
    31. Use Exposé to, Well, Expose Things on Your Desktop
    32. See All Exposé Windows’ Titles at Once
    33. Use Exposé without Pressing a Button
    34. The Two-Button Mouse Experience
    35. Switching Apps within Exposé
    36. Exposé Keyboard Tip
    37. Exposé Mouse Tip
    38. Expand Your Desktop with Spaces
    39. Change the Keyboard Shortcut for Spaces
    40. Set Default Applications for Spaces
    41. See All Your Spaces at Once
    42. Moving Documents to a New Space is a Drag
    43. Trading Spaces
    44. Move Everything to One Space
  8. 2. Show Me the Way: Navigating Your New World
    1. Creating Aliases without the Word Alias
    2. Instantly Find the Original for an Alias
    3. Use Labels to Find Files Fast
    4. Create Your Own Label Names
    5. Moving Icon Names to the Side: It’s Unnatural
    6. Adding Words to the End of Filenames
    7. How to Change a File’s Icon
    8. Steal a File’s Name, Then Write Right Over It
    9. Clone Filenames to Speed Things Up
    10. Outsmarting the Alphabet
    11. Set Up the Sidebar the Way You Want It
    12. Add Your Own Stuff to the Sidebar
    13. Use Toolbar as “Overflow Parking” for Favorite Files
    14. Always Take the Shortcut (Menu)
    15. Get a Two-Button Mouse for Cryin’ Out Loud
    16. Have a Trackpad? Use Your Fingers to Control-Click
    17. Creating Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts
    18. Menu Speed Tip
    19. Become the Ultimate Menu Master
    20. The Hidden “Go To Any Folder” Trick
    21. Look Inside Multiple Folders Automatically
    22. See Where a File is Stored
    23. Find Out Where an Application Lives with One Click
    24. Add a Path Button to the toolbar
    25. Always See a File’s Path
    26. Toggle Through Open Applications
    27. Toggle Through Open Windows
    28. Stop The Scrolling Blues
    29. Another Anti-Scroll Bar Tip
  9. 3. For Those About to Dock!: Docking Miracles Made Easy
    1. Stack the Dock
    2. Different Ways to View Open Stacks
    3. Set Your Preferred View for Stacks
    4. Open an Item in a Stack Quickly
    5. Put a Pretty Face on a Stack
    6. Make Your Own Stacks
    7. Moving Items to and from Stacks
    8. Stack Idea: Make a Short Stack
    9. Move a File to Any Folder with Stacks
    10. Open an Item In a Stack with Another ApplicatIon
    11. Hide the Dock Automatically
    12. Instant Dock Resize
    13. The One-Click Trick to Moving the Dock
    14. For Those Who Don’t Want to Hide: Magnify
    15. The Cure for Big Dock Envy
    16. Force Quit an Application from the Dock
    17. Accidentally Launch a Program? Un-Launch It
    18. Keeping an Application in the Dock
    19. Keep Your Dock in Sync
    20. Unclutter Your Dock
    21. Open Documents by Dragging Them to the Dock
    22. Forcing a Specific Application to Open a Document
    23. Make Dock Icons Stop Moving
    24. Be Careful When Dragging Items Off the Dock
  10. 4. Spotlight on Sam & Dave: Spotlight Search Tips
    1. You Can’t Use It If You Can’t Find It
    2. Spotlight Menu: It’s Fast, Easy, and Always There
    3. Open Your Top Hit Fast
    4. Get Smarter with Just One Click
    5. Daniel Webster Would Be Jealous
    6. Break the Top 20 Barrier
    7. Put Some Limits on Spotlight
    8. See What You Wanna See
    9. Change the Order of the Results
    10. Use Quick Look to Be Sure You Have the Right File
    11. Spotlight Window
    12. Refine Your Searches in Spotlight Window
    13. Add Items to the Search Criteria Pop-Up Menus
    14. Saving Spotlight Searches as Smart Folders
    15. Power Searching Is, Uhhhh, Powerful
    16. Sometimes Less Can Be More
    17. I Search, Therefore I Find
    18. A Little Help with More Complicated Searches
    19. Don’t Know the Exact Filename? No Problem
    20. Sometimes It’s What’s Inside that Counts
    21. Avoiding Junk Search Results
    22. Search Inside Your Photoshop Documents
    23. Spotlight Menu Versus Spotlight Window
    24. Searching the System Preferences
    25. Opening? Saving? Spotlight Will Help
  11. 5. You’ve Got Mail: Tips for Using mail
    1. Address Book: Customize Your Contact Card Information
    2. Address Book: Add a Birthday Field
    3. Address Book: Customize the Contact Card Template
    4. Address Book: Making Your Own vCard
    5. Address Book: Hiding Your Privates
    6. Address Book: Share Your vCard with Friends
    7. Address Book: Sending Notes with Your vCard
    8. Address Book: Importing vCards the Easy Way
    9. Address Book: Send Someone’s vCard to Someone Else
    10. Address Book: Run a Quick Search on Your Contact
    11. Address Book: Get Rid of Duplicates
    12. Address Book: Merge Multiple Records
    13. Address Book: Create Smart Groups
    14. Address Book: Smart Group Ideas
    15. Address Book: See Which Groups a Contact Is In
    16. Address Book: Sync Your Book with MobileMe
    17. Address Book: Super-Sized Phone Numbers
    18. Address Book: Share Your Address Book with Others
    19. Address Book: Print a Mini-Address Book
    20. Address Book: Print a Contact List
    21. Address Book: The World’s Easiest Backup Plan
    22. Mail: Customize Mail’s Toolbar
    23. Mail: Add More Fields to the New Message Window
    24. Mail: Don’t Check Your Spelling Until You’re Done
    25. Mail: Send Fancy Emails by Using Stationery
    26. Mail: Uncovering the Priority Pop-Up menu
    27. Mail: Attach a Photo to an Email
    28. Mail: Resizing Photos for Emailing
    29. Mail: How to Lose Friends and Tick Off People
    30. Mail: Forward an Email as an Attachment
    31. Mail: Seeing Multiple Mailboxes in One Window
    32. Mail: Controlling Your Search Options
    33. Mail: Doctor! Doctor! Give Me the News!
    34. Mail: Find Out What Mail Is Doing Right Now
    35. Mail: Making an Archive of Your Mailboxes
    36. Mail: Creating Smart Mailboxes from Searches
    37. Mail: Create an Even Smarter Mailbox
    38. Mail: Smart Mailbox Idea #1: Archive Old Messages
    39. Mail: Smart Mailbox Idea #2: Save Your Life
    40. Mail: Smart Mailbox Idea #3: New Mail
    41. Mail: Make a New To Do Item in Mail
    42. Mail: Getting RSS Feeds in Mail
    43. Mail: See Your RSS Feeds in Your Inbox
    44. Mail: Get a Google Map of an Address in an Email
    45. Mail: Getting Emailed Photos into iPhoto Fast
    46. Mail: Add a Phone Number to Your Address Book
    47. Mail: Create an iCal Event from a Date in an Email
  12. 6. Talking Heads: iChat Tips
    1. Let Me See What My Buddy Can Do
    2. Forget My Buddy—What Can I Do?
    3. Your Buddy Doesn’t Need a Camera to Video Chat
    4. Use Your Own Photo of a Buddy
    5. Stay Alive Even When You’ve Quit
    6. Sharing Your Musical Taste with Your Buddies
    7. Managing Lots of Buddies
    8. Add New Buddies to Groups
    9. Moving Old Buddies Around
    10. Saving Transcripts of Your Chats
    11. Special Alerts for Special Buddies
    12. Enjoy a Three-Way Chat
    13. Record Audio and Video Chats
    14. Avoid Unwanted Chats
    15. Avoid Unwanted Chats by Using Stealth Mode
    16. Avoiding Late-night Audio Chats
    17. Send a Buddy a File—Even a Gigundo One
    18. What Color Balloons Would You Like?
    19. Share Your Buddy’s Screen
    20. Drag Files Between Shared Screens
    21. It’s Like Show and Tell
  13. 7. Surfin’ Safari: Tips for Using the Safari Web Browser
    1. Tabs, Baby! It’s the Only Way to Surf
    2. I Want to See You, But Not Right Now
    3. Sometimes You Feel Like a Tab—Sometimes You Don’t
    4. Move a Tabbed Page to Its Own Window
    5. Drag a Tab to Open a New Window
    6. Combine All Open Windows into One Tabbed Window
    7. Add an Open Window to a Tab Bar
    8. Bookmark a Set of Tabs
    9. Open All the Tabs in a Bookmark Folder with One Click
    10. How to Stop Multiple Tabs from Opening
    11. Jumping from Tab to Tab
    12. Rearrange the Order of Your Tabs
    13. Delete Your AutoFill Information
    14. Bookmark an Emailed Link without Opening It
    15. Drag Bookmarks and Tabs from Firefox into Safari
    16. Open Google Search Results in a Separate Window
    17. Highlight the Address Bar Fast
    18. Browsing in Stealth Mode
    19. Hiding Your Tracks
    20. Reopen Closed Windows
    21. Jump Back Fast
    22. Importing Bookmarks from Other Browsers
    23. Search Bookmarks, History, and Google Search Terms
    24. A Faster Bookmarks Menu
    25. Sharing Your Bookmarks
    26. Built-In Tip Finder
    27. Fastest Way to Email a Link to a Friend
    28. Using Google’s Search Term Memory
    29. How to Remove Sites from Your History
    30. Skip the Link—Send the Whole Page!
    31. Finding Your Digital Breadcrumbs
    32. Find a Word on a Webpage
    33. Making Online Articles Easier to Read
    34. Reading RSS Feeds Outside of Safari
    35. Capture That Webpage
    36. Make a WebPage Widget
    37. Stop and Resume a Download
    38. Keep Your Kids from Unsavory Sites
  14. 8. Music & Movies: Using iTunes, DVD Player, Front Row, & More
    1. iTunes: Playing a Song
    2. iTunes: Skipping a Song
    3. iTunes: Grid View Is Brand New
    4. iTunes: Album View Is Still Around
    5. iTunes: Use Browsing to Create Instant Playlists
    6. iTunes: Make a Temporary Playlist
    7. iTunes: Create a Genius Playlist
    8. iTunes: Genius Sidebar
    9. iTunes: Show in Playlist
    10. iTunes: Get Concert Tickets
    11. iTunes: Set Up Your CDs to Import Automatically
    12. iTunes: Get CD Track Names Automatically
    13. iTunes: Consolidating Your Music in One Place
    14. iTunes: Copy Songs into Your iTunes Music Folder
    15. iTunes: Adding Your Own Custom Genres
    16. iTunes: Deleting Songs
    17. iTunes: Select the Columns You Want Displayed
    18. iTunes: Hiding and Unhiding Columns
    19. iTunes: Viewing More Info about Your Songs
    20. iTunes: Editing Your Song’s Info
    21. iTunes: Editing Multiple Songs at One Time
    22. iTunes: Finding Duplicates
    23. iTunes: Listening to Internet Radio Stations
    24. iTunes: Burning a CD of a Playlist
    25. iTunes: Set Parental Limits on iTunes
    26. iTunes: Get Freebies from the iTunes Store
    27. iTunes: Let’s Get Visual
    28. Front Row: Your One-Stop Media Place
    29. Front Row: Launch Front Row with One Click
    30. Front Row: Change the Settings for a Slide Show
    31. Some Not-So-Obvious Ways to Watch Movies
    32. QuickTime: Keep Your Resized Video Looking Crisp
    33. DVD Player: Controller Maximus (The Hidden Controls)
    34. DVD Player: Control Central
    35. DVD Player: Get Back to the Menu Fast
    36. DVD Player: Enable Parental Control
    37. DVD Player: Play Movie in a Floating Window
    38. DVD Player: Set Your Own Starting Spot
    39. DVD Player: Time Slider Makes Movies Go Fast
    40. DVD Player: Bookmarking Your Favorite Spots
  15. 9. The Everyday Mac: Helpful Apps that make Your Life Easier
    1. Time Machine: No More Excuses for Not Backing Up
    2. Time Machine: Set Some Preferences
    3. Time Machine: Restoring from Your Backup
    4. Back to My Mac
    5. Fonts: Finding Where the © and ™ Symbols Live
    6. Fonts: Using the Special Characters Once You Find Them
    7. Font Panel: Seeing Your Fonts Before You Use Them
    8. Font Panel: Get a Lean & Mean Font Panel with One Click
    9. Font Book: Checking for Bad Fonts
    10. Font Book: Resolving Duplicate Fonts
    11. Font Book: Keep a Short List of Fonts
    12. Font Book: Creating Your Own Custom Preview Text
    13. Font Book: Font Field Sizing Tip
    14. Font Book: Comparing Fonts Side by Side
    15. Font Book: Find All Fonts with the Style You Need
    16. Font Book: Export Fonts with a File
    17. iCal: Customizing Your iCal Invite Message
    18. iCal: Break the One Line Per Event Rule in iCal
    19. iCal: Adding a Live Web Link to an Event
    20. iCal: Setting Your Alarm to Play a Song
    21. iCal: Keeping Related Calendars Together
    22. iCal: Automatically Create a Birthday Calendar
    23. iCal: Having a Meeting? Let iCal Do the Invites
    24. iCal: Have iCal Call Your Cell Phone
    25. Keeping Your Private Data Private
    26. Set a Default Printer
    27. Make Your Mac Monolingual
    28. The Burn Folder Isn’t Burning Aliases
    29. Burning Multiple Times to the Same Disc
    30. Making Your Mac Visible on a Network
    31. What to Share and Who to Share it With
    32. Temporarily Share a Folder
    33. Just Drop It in My Secret Drop Box
    34. When You Love Someone, You’ll Share Your Screen
    35. Preview: Customize Preview’s Toolbar
    36. Preview: Assigning a Color Profile
    37. Preview: Annotate PDFs
    38. Preview: Filling Out PDF Forms
    39. Preview: Printing Multiple Images on One Sheet
    40. Preview: Print Multiple Documents to One Page
    41. Preview: Do Simple Photo Corrections in Preview
    42. Preview: Seeing a Photo’s EXIF Data
    43. Preview: Remove a Photo’s Background
    44. Preview: Background Removal Hint
    45. Preview: See Your Document Up Close and Personal
    46. Preview: Sorting Image Thumbnails in Preview
    47. Preview: Make Vertical Selections in PDFs
    48. Preview: Turn Any Selection into a Graphic
    49. Stickies: A Cure for a Bad Memory
    50. Stickies: Create Them from Just About Anything
    51. Stickies: Arrange Your Stickies Automatically
    52. TextEdit: Font Control Central
    53. TextEdit: Adjusting the Space Between Letters
    54. TextEdit: Have TextEdit Do the Work When Creating Lists
    55. TextEdit: Pop-Up Spell Checker
    56. TextEdit: Saving Files as Word Documents
  16. 10. Cool & the Gang: Way Cool Tips
    1. When You’re Not Quite Sure How It’s Spelled
    2. Left-Handers Finally Get a Break!
    3. Calculator’s Been Hiding Its Power
    4. Have a Conversion Experience with Calculator
    5. Take a Screen Capture of Your Screen
    6. Take a Screen Capture of One Window
    7. Create a PDF from a Screen Cap with One Click
    8. Create a PDF of Any Document
    9. Add Web Photos to Your iPhoto Library with One Click
    10. Use Quick Look to Preview Audio Clips
    11. Use an RSS Feed As Your Screen Saver
    12. The Coolest Screen Saver Ever
    13. iTunes Artwork Screen Saver
    14. One More Screen Saver Tip
    15. Phone Number Widget Trick
    16. Google Maps Widget Trick
    17. Use the Same Widget More Than Once
    18. Use Preview to Convert Image File Formats
    19. Check Your Email from Any Finder Window
    20. Preview Your New Emails with Quick Look
    21. Set Up a Guest Account for “The Others”
    22. Combine Separate Documents into One PDF Document
    23. Was It KAL-IB-RA OR KAL-EEB-BRA?
    24. Fine Tune Your Volume
  17. 11. Speed Thrills: Mac OS X Speed Tips
    1. Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
    2. Looking for Help?
    3. Organize (or Disorganize) Your Icons Fast
    4. Quick Way to Add Words to Your Dictionary
    5. You Can Go Everywhere from Anywhere
    6. Drop Text on Dock Icons for Fast Action
    7. Load Applications Automatically When You Log In
    8. Open Documents When You Log In
    9. Save Files to the Desktop in a Flash
    10. Save Time When You “Save As”
    11. Navigate the Save As Dialog at Turbo Speed
    12. Use the Finder’s Path Bar to Navigate Fast
    13. Switch to Grid View in Quick Look
    14. Open Sidebar Items in Their Own Windows
    15. The Fastest Way to Quit Multiple Applications
    16. Set a New Default Application to Open a File
    17. Instantly Hide Every Open Window on the Desktop
    18. Keep a Team Address Book Current
    19. Send an Email to Everyone in Your Group
    20. Unleash Your Mac’s Power with Scripts!
    21. Open Commonly Used Preferences Fast!
    22. Moving a File Out of a Folder in List View
    23. Change Finder Window Views Fast
    24. Create a List of Favorite Special Characters
    25. Don’t Shut Down Your Computer
    26. Set the Warning Beep Volume Fast
    27. Tap Into the Collective Intelligence of Wikipedia
    28. Clean Up the Sidebar
    29. Select The Secondary Option in Dialogs
    30. A Faster Way to View the Widget Bar
    31. Copy & Paste a Style
    32. Scrub Through Video
    33. Open Multiple Inspectors in an Application
    34. Open An Application’s Preferences Fast
    35. Duplicate Smart Mailboxes
    36. Preview a Document Right in the Print Dialog
    37. Your Default Printer Follows You
    38. Faster Widget Closing
    39. Disable a Widget
    40. Open All Images in One Window in Preview
    41. Batch Resize in Preview
    42. Batch Rotate in Preview
    43. Create Live Internet Links from Text Automatically
    44. Create Simple Web Addresses in Mail
    45. Display More Information about Files in Icon View
  18. 12. She Drives Me Crazy: How to Stop Annoying Things
    1. Hide Yourself When You’re Video Chatting
    2. Sleep Less—Work More
    3. Entering a Password to Use My Own Computer
    4. Disabling the Caps Lock Key
    5. Shut Down without the Warning
    6. The Silence of the Beeps
    7. Genie’s Cute and All, But She’s Just Gotta Go
    8. Stop the Bouncing, I Beg You!
    9. How to Stop the QuickTime Player Blues
    10. How to Stop Magnifying Your Dock
    11. Stopping the Software Auto-Updating Menace
    12. Yes! I’m Sure I Want to Empty the Trash
    13. Close the Printer Icon in the Dock after Printing
    14. Shut Off the Warning before Changing a File Extension
    15. Change the Font Mail Uses for Notes
    16. Rearrange System Preferences Icons
  19. 13. Living the iLife: Tips for Using iLife Applications
    1. GarageBand: The 10 Most Essential Shortcuts
    2. GarageBand: Take Your Pick of Keyboards
    3. GarageBand: Super Size the Keyboard
    4. GarageBand: Print Your Musical Notation
    5. GarageBand: Creating Regions in Your Song
    6. GarageBand: Use Regions to Create Arrangements
    7. GarageBand: Demystifying the Loop Browser
    8. GarageBand: Change the Order of Loop Browser Buttons
    9. GarageBand: Using the Built-In Tuner
    10. GarageBand: Seeing the Rest of the Loop Browser Buttons
    11. GarageBand: You Won’t Believe All the Effects
    12. GarageBand: Add Automation to Individual Tracks
    13. GarageBand: Add Effects to All Tracks at Once
    14. GarageBand: Make Fine Adjustments with Panning Knobs
    15. GarageBand: Fading Out at the End of a Song
    16. GarageBand: Try Out a Loop before Committing to It
    17. GarageBand: It’s Not Just for Music
    18. GarageBand: Put Together Your Own Magic Band
    19. iMovie: It’s Not All Bad
    20. iMovie: Skimming Rocks
    21. iMovie: Playhead Information Will Drive You Crazy
    22. iMovie: Split Days into Separate Events Automatically
    23. iMovie: Just Import the Video You Need
    24. iMovie: Merging Events Can Be a Drag
    25. iMovie: Prevent Storage Space Theft
    26. iMovie: All Selections Can Be Created Equal
    27. iMovie: Some Quick Tips on Selections
    28. iMovie: Right Size—Wrong Place
    29. iPhoto: Import Photos from Your Camera
    30. iPhoto: Import Photos from Your Drive into iPhoto
    31. iPhoto: Rate Photos Fast By Batching
    32. iPhoto: Automatically Organize Your Photos by Event
    33. iPhoto: Choose a New Photo for Your Event Thumbnail
    34. iPhoto: Compare Photos Side By Side
    35. iPhoto: Rotate a Group of Photos at Once
    36. iPhoto: Rotating in the Opposite Direction
    37. iPhoto: Photographers’ Basic Black
    38. iPhoto: Correct the Color Balance (and Other Problems)
    39. iPhoto: Copy & Paste Corrections
    40. iPhoto: Sometimes Less Is More—So Crop Your Photo
    41. iPhoto: Remove Blemishes and Dust Spots
    42. iPhoto: Make Your Photos Pop
    43. iPhoto: Defeating Da Double-Click Default
    44. iPhoto: Edit Photos in Another Editing Application
    45. iPhoto: Have Fun with Special Effects
    46. iPhoto: Create Albums of Special Photos
    47. iPhoto: Publish an Album to the Web with Two Clicks
    48. iPhoto: Make Your Web Gallery a Community Effort
    49. iPhoto: Controlling Access to Your Web Gallery
    50. iPhoto: Add New Photos to iPhoto Automatically
  20. 14. Gloating Isn’t a Sin: Showing Off Leopard’s Sexy Side
    1. Here’s to the Crazies
    2. Blue Screen of Death Icon
    3. Get a Full-Sized Graphic of Icons
    4. DVD Player: Putting Captions in Their Own Window
    5. Spotlight’s Hidden Calculator
    6. Dashboard Super Slo-Mo Widget Tricks
    7. Exposé Show Off Trick #1
    8. Exposé Show Off Trick #2
    9. Exposé—Spaces Combo Trick
    10. Address Book Photo Effects
    11. Find Stuff You Never Knew You Had
    12. ColorSync Show Off Trick
    13. Use Custom Sounds for Mail
    14. Reloading a Dashboard Widget Trick
    15. Get The Full Dashboard Weather Experience
    16. If I Could Turn Back Time
    17. iMovie Slow Motion Swap
    18. Photo Booth Is Hours of Fun
  21. 15. Cheap Trick: Mac OS X Pranks
    1. Mess with Their iChat Alerts
    2. Shift-Beep. Option-Beep. Command-Beep. Beep-Beep!
    3. Give Their CDs and DVDs Some New “Features”
    4. Speak to Me, Baby
    5. Make Their Keyboard Bilingual
    6. Create a Terrifying Fake Dialog
    7. Create an Even More Terrifying Fake Dialog
    8. Hiding, Well...Everything!
    9. Locking Someone Out of Their Own Machine
    10. Uncolor Their World
    11. Jam Their Dock
    12. Unexplained Launch Mysteries
    13. Application Icon Madness
    14. Make Their Fonts All Jaggy
    15. Blow Up Their Cursor
    16. Make Them Think Their Screen Is Trashed
    17. Blow Out Their Screen
    18. Strip Down Safari Windows

Product information

  • Title: Mac OS X Leopard Killer Tips
  • Author(s): Scott Kelby, Dave Gales
  • Release date: December 2008
  • Publisher(s): New Riders
  • ISBN: 9780321572998