Chapter 5. Fun with Photo Booth and Front Row

In This Chapter

  • Using Photo Booth to take photos

  • Capturing video with iMovie

  • Working with the Apple Remote

  • Using Front Row

Many Apple switchers and first‐time owners quickly notice two rather unusual items that accompany the latest iMacs, Mac minis, and MacBooks: One appears to be a stick of chewing gum sporting buttons in the box, and the other looks like a tiny square lens and LED light at the top of the Mac screen.

First, allow me to identify these toys. The former is your Apple Remote, which you can use to control your Mac from the comfort of your lounge chair or breakfast nook via Leopard's Front Row software. The latter is the lens of your Mac's built‐in iSight camera, which allows video chatting in iChat or a quick fun series of photos or video clips via Leopard's Photo Booth and iMovie applications.

What's that you say? Your last computer didn't have a remote control? You've never used a computer video camera? Well then, good reader, you've come to the right place!

In this chapter, I show you how to use your Mac's remote to dazzle your friends and family with all sorts of digital media; then, I demonstrate how easy it is to produce photos and video with your iSight camera. Sassy!

Capturing the Moment with iSight and Photo Booth

Does your MacBook or iMac have that tiny lens at the top of the screen? Then you're in business with your built‐in iSight camera …pat yourself on the back and do the Technology dance.

If you're using a Mac mini or ...

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