Chapter 2. Jamming with iTunes and iPod

In This Chapter

  • Playing music with your Mac

  • Arranging and organizing your music collection

  • Tuning into the world with Internet radio

  • Sharing your songs across a network

  • Creating eye candy with the Visualizer

  • Buying the good stuff from the iTunes Store

Good news! It's time to throw out your Dad's Hi‐Fi from the early ’70s (you know, the one with the 4‐inch speakers that you're embarrassed to show your friends). Every installation of Mac OS X comes with the finest stereophonic gadget in town: a great audio application called iTunes. With iTunes, you can listen to your favorite songs and podcasts, organize your music collection, watch a video or a full‐length movie, listen to radio stations from around the world, buy music and video online, burn CDs and DVDs, and much more! iTunes has so many features that you'll soon find yourself wondering why you even own a stereo at all. In no time, you'll be pondering how much new speakers with a subwoofer will cost for your Mac.

In this chapter, I show you how to play audio CDs, podcasts, videos, and Internet downloads, but that's just the beginning. You discover how to use iTunes' Library to get one‐click access to any song in your collection. I even show you how to tune into Internet radio (and share your favorite songs with others on your network), burn audio CDs (if you have the necessary hardware), plug in your iPod, and buy the latest hits from the iTunes Store. (And I demonstrate how to make your iTunes ...

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