Chapter 4. Hosting a Web Site with Mac OS X

In This Chapter

  • Creating your own Web site

  • Using .Mac

  • Hosting your own Web server

  • Sharing files with FTP

In a little more than a decade, surfing the Internet has gone from a nerd's hobby to a fun activity enjoyed by the whole family. For children and grandparents alike, Web surfing has become one of the world's most popular spectator sports — and at some point, you'll probably get the itch to become more involved. Everyone else has a Web site, so why not you?

Creating and hosting your own Web site can be a rewarding experience, and with some help from Apple and Mac OS X, it's a cinch to do. I devote Book III, Chapter 7 to iWeb, the Web page creation application that's part of iLife, but that's not the only way to get your message on the Web! Whether you want to share your favorite eggplant recipes, display pictures of your aubergine Auburn, or just post a purple résumé, Mac OS X has you covered in more ways than one.

So put on your seat belts — you're now entering a strange world of servers, mysterious codes, and things that go bump in the Net. No need for alarm, though …Apple has made the topic so simple that even a politician can do it.

Building a Site with .Mac

To get you up and running on the Web quickly, Apple offers a suite of online Web‐publishing tools. The toolbox, collectively known as .Mac, gives you easy and fast access to a variety of Internet functions, including e‐mail, your iDisk online storage, and HomePage, which allows you to ...

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