Chapter 19. Ten Things You Can Add to Snow Leopard Server

In This Chapter

  • Performing network backups

  • Understanding media assets and workflow

  • Discovering widgets

Snow Leopard Server comes with so many different services and features for your users and your administrators that it's hard to imagine that you need to add anything extra. Although you may not need to run additional server software, you may desire to take advantage of some of the products that enhance Snow Leopard Server, or let you use it for some other purposes.

Antivirus for Your Server

Mac viruses and malware are fairly uncommon. Virus programmers tend to focus mostly on the several hundred million Windows PCs in the world. This doesn't let Mac OS X off the hook. You never know when a big Mac-focused virus wave will hit. Servers, in particular, are important computers to protect.

Intego's VirusBarrier Server ($300, automatically checks files located on a Mac server and files that are launched from the server. VirusBarrier Server quarantines infected files it finds and sends an e-mail message to an administrator. It can also repair files that have been quarantined. As with all good virus packages, VirusBarrier Server automatically checks for and downloads updates of the latest virus definitions.

Snow Leopard Server's e-mail service already comes with well-respected open source antivirus software, ClamAV. But if you want another layer of protection, Intego makes another version, VirusBarrier Mail Gateway ($500), ...

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