Chapter 2. Exploring Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

This chapter introduces you to the Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard working environment. Like all modern operating systems, Mac OS X has a graphical user interface (GUI, pronounced "gooey") that consists of windows, menus, icons, buttons, and various types of controls. Apple refers to this graphical interface as Aqua, because its theme takes cues from the transparent and reflective nature of water. Aqua is an extremely elegant interface that is easy to navigate and enables you to perform complex tasks quickly and efficiently. Because of this, Mac OS X is a rich and productive working environment.

In this chapter, you'll discover how to start up and log on to your Mac; you'll learn how to deal with any common startup problems, and the process of logging out, or switching off your Mac.

Next, you'll take a tour of the Mac OS X environment and learn the fundamentals of the menu bar, Dock, and desktop; last, you'll take a look at how you can customize your Mac to give it a personal appearance, as well as set it up so you can work in your own personal style.

After you're familiar with the interface, we'll show you a complete look at working with files and documents, especially with one of ...

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