Chapter 11. Collaborating and Communicating

Just as accessing the Web is a major use of the Mac, and a reason that Apple has put so much care into its Web applications such Safari and Web-based technologies such as iTunes and MobileMe, communicating with other people is a key reason people use a Mac — and again a key area that Apple has focused its applications on.

Communication is a fundamental human activity. People love to talk to each other. All sorts of new technologies have changed how we communicate — e-mail, online chat boards, instant messaging, feeds like Twitter, social network sites like Facebook, and so on — but what's constant is that we are still talking to each other, just over greater distances than ever before possible.

Collaboration — working together — is what enables people to do so many great things, bringing together skills, intuition, and physical labor, along with the energy created by coming together. You can't collaborate if you can't communicate, so the Mac's communication capabilities are key. Other capabilities, ...

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