Mac OS X Snow Leopard Visual Quick Tips

Book description

Shortcuts, tricks, and tips to make you even more productive with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Nearly 75 million people are using Mac OS X. If you're one of them, and you're looking for useful and surprising techniques presented in an easy-to-follow visual format, Mac OS X Snow Leopard Visual Quick Tips has just what you need.

Here you'll find productivity tricks, cool secrets, timesaving tips, and other ideas that can take your OS X knowledge beyond the basics. With colorful screenshots and illustrations plus step-by-step instructions, Mac OS X Snow Leopard Visual Quick Tips helps you get more from your Mac.

  • Easy-to-find, easy-to-follow instructions presented for the visual learner

  • Learn to customize your Mac and get more from OS X Snow Leopard

  • Play with multimedia, including iPhoto and iMovie applications

  • Discover new ways to create, organize, and share digital content

  • Find helpful troubleshooting and maintenance tips to help your Mac run better

This handy, 6x9" full-color guide is packed with ideas to help you have more fun and get more done with Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Praise for Visual Books
  5. Credits
  6. About the Author
  7. Author's Acknowledgments
    1. Who is this book for?
    2. Conventions Used in This Book
  9. Table of Contents
  10. Chapter 1: Getting Started
    1. Shut Down and Restart Your Computer
    2. Use Spotlight to Find Files
    3. Start Programs with the Dock
    4. Start Working with Finder
    5. Change the Desktop Picture
    6. Choose Energy-Saving Settings
    7. Remove Files with Trash
    8. Find and Set Computer Preferences
    9. Use Quick Look to Preview Files
    10. Browse Files with Cover Flow
  11. Chapter 2: Customizing Your Mac Desktop and Notebook
    1. Configure Your Mouse
    2. Configure Your Trackpad
    3. Set and Change the Clock
    4. Change Sounds
    5. Use a Screen Saver
    6. Adjust Security Options
    7. Work with Spaces
    8. Put Your Mac to Sleep
    9. Set Parental Controls
    10. Adjust Notebook Brightness and Resolution
  12. Chapter 3: Managing Files and Folders
    1. Work with Finder Window Views
    2. Understanding the Mac Folder Structure
    3. Open Files and Folders
    4. Close Files and Folders
    5. Create New Folders
    6. Move Files and Folders
    7. Copy Files and Folders
    8. Using File Extensions
    9. Using Color Labels
    10. Create Smart Folders
    11. Switch Among Programs Quickly
    12. Restore Files from Trash
    13. Open Files with Alternative Applications
    14. Protect Files from Prying Eyes
  13. Chapter 4: Working More Efficiently
    1. Add and Delete Dock Items
    2. Relocate and Resize the Dock
    3. Use and Modify the Finder Toolbar
    4. Use and Modify the Finder Sidebar
    5. Work with Keyboard Shortcuts
    6. Work with Stacks
    7. Customize Exposé
    8. Use Stickies on the Desktop
    9. Hide Windows and Programs Not Being Used
  14. Chapter 5: Working with Data
    1. Move Data Between Documents
    2. Save Documents Using Save and Save As
    3. Save Documents as PDF Files
    4. Back Up Files with Time Machine
    5. Recover Files from Time Machine
    6. Delete Files Securely
    7. Exchange Files with Other Computers
  15. Chapter 6: Working with Multimedia
    1. Import and Organize Photos in iPhoto
    2. Adjust Photos in iPhoto
    3. Export Your Photos from iPhoto
    4. Use Your Photos in a Screen Saver
    5. Import Video with iMovie
    6. Edit Video with iMovie
    7. Export Video from iMovie
    8. Create a Data DVD
    9. Create a DVD with iDVD
    10. Import Music into iTunes
    11. Listen to Music in iTunes
    12. Create Playlists with iTunes
    13. Burn Music CDs with iTunes
  16. Chapter 7: Using the Internet
    1. Set Up a Wireless Connection
    2. Start Using Safari
    3. Personalize Safari
    4. Resize Text in Safari
    5. Set Up Tabs in Safari
    6. Save Bookmarks to Web Sites
    7. Add Web Sites to the Dock
  17. Chapter 8: Using Mail and iChat
    1. Set Up Mail
    2. Send and Receive E-Mail with Mail
    3. Send Photos with E-Mail
    4. Organize Your E-Mail
    5. Use Personalized Stationery for E-Mail
    6. Make Notes in Mail
    7. Reduce Spam
    8. Track Contact Info with Address Book
    9. Set Up iChat
    10. Set Up Video for iChat
    11. Set Up RSS Feed in E-Mail
  18. Chapter 9: Printing and Using Graphics
    1. Use Grab to Capture Screen Images
    2. Manage Your Fonts
    3. Print a Document
    4. Print Photos
    5. Work with Multiple Printers
  19. Chapter 10: Working with Special Programs
    1. Set Up Dashboard
    2. Set Up Calculator
    3. Do Conversions with Calculator
    4. Maintain an Event Schedule in iCal
    5. Make To Do Lists for Mail and iCal
    6. Share a Calendar from iCal
    7. Try Spotlight for Math and Word Definitions
  20. Chapter 11: Troubleshooting Your Mac
    1. Uninstall Applications
    2. Force a Program to Quit
    3. Force Your Mac to Shut Down/Restart
    4. Use Snow Leopard Help
    5. Repair Disks with Disk Utility
    6. Display Your Mac's System Information
    7. Get Updates for Snow Leopard
    8. Get Information About Files
  21. Index

Product information

  • Title: Mac OS X Snow Leopard Visual Quick Tips
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: October 2009
  • Publisher(s): Visual
  • ISBN: 9780470534861