Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide

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No matter how much Mac experience you have, Mac OS X Leopard requires that you get reacquainted. This little guide is packed with more than 300 tips and techniques to help you do just that. You get all details you need to learn Leopard's new features, configure your system, and get the most out of your Mac. Pronto.

Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide offers an easy-to-read format for users of all levels. If you're a Mac newcomer, there's a Survival Guide that explains how to adapt, and a chapter on Mac OS X's key features. Experienced Mac users can go right to the heart of Leopard with chapters on system preferences, applications and utilities, and configuring. In all, plenty of tables, concise descriptions, and step-by-step instructions explain:

  • What's new in Leopard, including the Time Machine
  • How to use Leopard's totally revamped Finder
  • All about Spaces and how to quickly flip between them
  • How to search for and find things with Spotlight
  • How to use Leopard's enhanced Parental Controls
  • Handy keyboard shortcuts to help you be more efficient
  • Quick tips for setting up and configuring your Mac to make it your own
If you're ready to tame Apple's new cat, this is the guide you want.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Conventions Used in This Book
    2. Safari® Books Online
    3. Acknowledgments
  2. 1. What’s New in Leopard?
    1. Cool New Features in Leopard
      1. A New Finder
      2. Time Machine
      3. Screen Sharing
      4. Quick Look
      5. Spaces
      6. Stacks
      7. Improvements to iCal
      8. Personalize Messages with Stationery in Mail
      9. Other Improvements to Mail
      10. Parental Controls
      11. Boot Camp
  3. 2. Mac OS X Survival Guide
    1. Your User Account
      1. What’s in Your Home Folder?
      2. Logging In and Fast User Switching
      3. Sleep Mode, Logging Out, and Shutting Down
      4. Startup and Shutdown Keys
      5. Quick Tips for Users
      6. Parental Controls
      7. Using Software Update
    2. Security
      1. FileVault
      2. Keychains
      3. Firewall Settings
      4. Sharing Services
      5. Other Security Features
      6. Password Security
    3. Force Quitting Applications
    4. Relaunching the Finder
    5. Keyboard Shortcuts
      1. Basic Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. 3. Mac OS X Basics
    1. The Menu Bar
      1. The Apple Menu
      2. The Application Menu
      3. Standard Application Menus
      4. Menu Extras
      5. The Accounts Menu
      6. The Application Switcher
    2. Window Controls
      1. Window Tips
    3. The Dock
      1. Stacks
      2. Dock Menus
      3. Using and Configuring the Dock
      4. Dock Tricks
    4. Trash
    5. The Finder
      1. Finder Basics
      2. Finder Views
        1. Icon View
        2. List View
        3. Column View
        4. Cover Flow View
      3. The Finder’s Toolbar
        1. Hiding the toolbar
        2. Customizing the toolbar
        3. The Action Menu
      4. Searching from the Finder
      5. Finder Tips
    6. Creating New Folders
    7. The Services Menu
    8. Exposé
    9. The Dashboard
      1. Viewing the Dashboard
      2. Managing and Installing Widgets
      3. Widget Preferences
    10. Spotlight
      1. Searching with Spotlight
      2. Spotlight’s Preferences
    11. Get Info and File Permissions
  5. 4. System Preferences
    1. Searching for Preferences
    2. System Preferences Overview
      1. Personal
      2. Hardware
      3. Internet & Network
      4. System
  6. 5. Applications and Utilities
    1. Applications
    2. Utilities
  7. 6. Configuring Your Mac
    1. AirPort and Wireless Networking
    2. Customizing the System
    3. Files and Folders
    4. Fonts and Font Management
    5. .Mac
    7. Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    8. Networking
    9. Obtaining Information About the System
    10. Printer Configuration and Printing
    11. Spotlight and Searching for Files
    12. Safari and the Internet
  8. 7. Special Characters
  9. Index
  10. About the Author
  11. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Mac OS X Leopard Pocket Guide
  • Author(s): Chuck Toporek
  • Release date: November 2007
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9780596529819