Management Tools in Lion Server

In addition to providing services to client computers, Lion Server comes with a set of software for managing these servers. You can install several of the tools on any system running Mac OS X 10.7 on the network, allowing you to keep the server Mac out of sight in a secure location.

Flipping through this book, you see that I mostly describe two tools: the Server application and Server Admin. Workgroup Manager is the third most-used tool. The other tools play smaller, more specialized roles.

image The Server app is included with Lion Server. You'll find it in the Applications folder. But you won't find Server Admin, Workgroup Manager, and other more advanced tools. You have to go get them yourself from Apple at this location:

The Server app and Server Admin are both for configuring services, but you use each to configure a different set of services. The Server app generally includes the services that most people might use, such as file service, calendar, web, and wiki. Server Admin tends to include services that not everyone may use or that are aimed at infrastructure, such as DHCP, DNS, NAT, and Open Directory. The Server app is the simpler of the two, providing fewer configuration options than Server Admin.

image If you ...

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