Using Server Admin to Configure Open Directory

Although the Server app is easier to use than Server Admin, it can't change the default settings of an Open Directory domain. By using Server Admin to create and connect to domains, you have all the options available to set the LDAP search path (or policy), which defines which directory domains Open Directory can access. You can also set the Kerberos realm, a database containing validation data for users, services, and sometimes servers. You also use Server Admin to set the account options for the directory administrator and to create an Open Directory replica or relay. The following section describes how you can use Server Admin to configure Open Directory.

image Server Admin is located in the Server folder, inside the Applications folder. If you don't have a Server folder, then you may need to download it separately. Look for Server Admin Tools at

Working with Server Admin

You can use Server Admin to configure and manage Lion Server's support services, including Open Directory. To get Server Admin running for the first time, follow these steps:

  1. If not already logged in to the server, log in as the local administrator that you created when you installed Lion Server (see Chapter 3).
  2. Open Server Admin from the /Applications/Server folder.
  3. Select Choose ServerAdd Server.
  4. Type the hostname of the server in ...

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