Appendix C. The Windows-to-Mac Dictionary

Maybe you were persuaded by the Apple “Switch” ad campaign. Maybe you like the looks of today’s Macs. Or maybe you’ve just endured one virus, spyware download, or service pack too many. In any case, if you’re switching to Mac OS X from Windows, this appendix is for you. It’s an alphabetical listing of every common Windows function and where to find it in Mac OS X. After all, an operating system is an operating system. The actual functions are pretty much the same—they’re just in different places.


If this listing only whets your appetite for information about making the switch, read Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Snow Leopard Edition. In addition to an expanded version of this appendix, it also contains useful information on moving your files from the PC to the Mac, copying over your email, transferring your contacts to Address Book, and so on.

About [this program]

About [this program]

To find out the version number of the program you’re using, don’t look in the Help menu. Instead, look in the application menu next to the menu—the one that bears the name of the program you’re in. That’s where you find the About command for Macintosh programs.

Accessibility Options control panel

The special features that let you operate the computer even with impaired vision, hearing, or motor control are called Universal Access in Mac OS X. They’re ...

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