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14. Watching and Editing Video

Wallace Wang

(1)San Diego, California, USA

Cameras can capture both still images and video. Once you have video on your Mac, you can view, edit, or save it to a DVD if your Mac has a DVD drive (either internal or external).

Video files may be stored in different types of file formats , such as:

  • .mpg, .m4v: MPEG-4 format

  • .mpg, .mpeg: MPEG-1 format

  • .mov, .qt: QuickTime format

  • .avi: Audio Video Interleave format (commonly associated with Windows)

  • .wmv: Windows Media Video (commonly associated with Windows)

The best video file formats for OS X are the MPEG and QuickTime formats. Your Mac may be able to recognize other video file formats, ...

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