29.6. Configuring a Share Point

So far in this chapter, I've described only the file-sharing protocols available in Mac OS X Server — how they work, how to activate them, and how to set basic security features. However, in addition to turning on a file-sharing system, you must also determine which folders or volumes should be shared (meaning they become share points) and which users and groups should have access permissions of various kinds for each share point.

29.6.1. Creating a share point

To create a new share point, all you need to do is locate a folder or volume and then designate it as an item to be shared. Afterward, you can determine which protocols are used to share that item and what user and group permissions apply to it.

To create a new share point, follow these steps:

  1. Open Server Admin, which is located in /Applications/Server.

  2. In the sidebar on the left, select your server.

  3. If no services are listed under the server name, click the disclosure triangle next to the server name to reveal them.

  4. If the service names are dimmed, choose Server Connect, type your username and password if they're not already filled in, and then click Connect. The list of services refreshes, and those currently running appear with a green dot next to them.

  5. Click the File Sharing button on the toolbar. If AFP, FTP, NFS, or SMB is selected in the list on the left, the toolbar icon changes to say ...

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