Managing Your Appointments

When you meet someone and ask, “How are you?” the most common reply these days is a short one: “Busy!” We’re all as busy as can be, and that places-to-go-people-to-see feeling is everywhere. All the more reason to keep your affairs in order, and that includes your appointments. MacBook Air comes with a program called Calendar that you can use to create items called events, which represent your appointments, meetings, conferences, and other future activities. Calendar acts as a kind of electronic personal assistant, leaving your brain free to concentrate on more important things.

Setting up a meeting with a contact

If you want to add a meeting to Calendar, you can set it up in the usual way by displaying the date, double-clicking the meeting time, and then typing a title for the new event. From there, you can double-click the event and specify the invitees.


For the technique in this section to work, each contact you select must have at least one e-mail address defined. Before proceeding, this is a good time to check that each contact with which you want to meet has an e-mail address, and to include addresses for those contacts who don’t.

However, if the meeting is with one or more people in your Contacts, there’s an easier way you can add it to Calendar:

1. In Calendar, make sure the day of the meeting is visible.

2. In Contacts, select the contact ...

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