Connecting and Sharing Cameras and Other Imaging Devices

MacBook Air is a graphics powerhouse. You can take advantage of that power by connecting various imaging devices, such as digital cameras, digital camcorders, and document scanners. Most of these devices connect without a hassle. However, you need to watch out for a few things and follow a few extra steps to make sure each device works as it should. All this is explained in the next few sections.


Many digital camcorders require a FireWire connection, but MacBook Air doesn’t come with a FireWire port. One solution is to purchase a FireWire-to-USB adapter cable. It connects to the camcorder’s digital video FireWire port on one end and to MacBook Air’s USB port on the other. Another solution is to purchase a hub that combines both USB and FireWire ports.

Connecting an imaging device

Connecting an imaging device to MacBook Air is mostly a straightforward bit of business that begins with attaching the device:

bullet.tif Digital camera. Attach a USB cable to the camera and to the USB port on MacBook Air.

bullet.tif Digital camcorder. Attach a FireWire cable to the video camera and to a FireWire port on a hub attached to your MacBook Air.

Scanner. ...

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