Chapter 5. Surfing with Safari

In This Chapter

  • Introducing the Safari window and controls

  • Visiting Web sites with Safari

  • Moving between sites

  • Creating and using bookmarks

  • Receiving files with Safari

  • Surfing with your tabs showing

  • Saving Web pages to disk

  • Protecting your privacy on the Web

  • Blocking those irritating pop-ups

When I was designing the Table of Contents for this book, I seriously considered leaving this chapter out. After all, more people use a Web browser now than any other software application. Who really needs a guide to mowing a lawn?

But then again, I suddenly thought of all the hidden features that folks don't know about Apple's Safari browser — for example, the tips and tricks that can help you organize your online visits. It's a little like finding out more about the lawn mower itself: Even though you might not need tips on mowing, many people don't know how to remove the spark plug in the winter or how to sharpen the blade so that you can handle taller grass. To put it another way, magic is nothing more than technology that someone understands.

In this chapter, I show you how to use those other controls and toolbar buttons in Safari — you know, the ones in addition to the Forward and Back buttons — and you discover how to keep track of where you've been and where you'd like to go. (Oh, and did I mention that you need an Internet connection?)

One note: Many authors have written entire books on Web browsing. As you might guess, this chapter is far narrower in scope than those ...

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