Chapter 16

Recording Your Hits with GarageBand

In This Chapter

arrow Navigating the GarageBand window

arrow Adding tracks and loops to your song

arrow Repeating loops and extending your song

arrow Building arrangements

arrow Adding effects to instruments

arrow Exporting your work across the globe

arrow Burning your song to an audio CD

Do you dream of making music? I’ve always wanted to join a band, but I never devoted the time to learning to play the guitar. You know the drill: Rock stars struggle for years to master an instrument, practice for untold hours, memorize chords, and… . Wait a second. I almost forgot. You don’t need to do any of that now!

Apple’s GarageBand lets a musical wannabe (like yours truly) make music anywhere with a MacBook — complete with a driving bass line, funky horns, and perfect drums that never ...

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