Chapter 21

Tackling the Housekeeping

In This Chapter

arrow Cleaning unnecessary stuff off your drive

arrow Backing up your data with Time Machine

arrow Fixing hard drive permission errors and catalog problems

arrow Automating tasks in El Capitan

arrow Updating OS X automatically

Nothing runs better than a well-oiled machine, and your laptop is no exception. (Well, you actually shouldn’t oil it, but you know what I mean.) With a little El Capitan maintenance, you can ensure that your MacBook performs as efficiently as possible (which translates into longer battery life and faster operation overall).

In this chapter, I demonstrate how you can make good use of every byte of storage space provided by your drive. I also show you how to back up and restore that hard drive to an external drive, using Time Machine.

The El Capitan Automator application is a great housekeeping tool. It allows your laptop to perform tasks automatically that used to require your attention. I show you how you can create Automator applications ...

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