Chapter 1

Hey, It Really Does Have Everything I Need


check Identifying the important parts of your Mac laptop

check Comparing the different MacBook models

check Finding the best location for your computer

check Unpacking, plugging in stuff, and getting hooked up

check Playing with your bundled software

check Buying additional stuff you might need

Most action films have one scene in common: I call it “gearing up,” because the good guys strap on their equipment in preparation for battle. (The era doesn’t matter: You see “gearing up” scenes in Gladiator, Aliens, and virtually every movie Arnold has made.) You’re sure to see lots of clicking straps and equipping of offensive weapons (and sometimes even a dash of war paint). The process usually takes a minute or so, all told with whiplash camera work and stirring martial music in the background.

Well, fellow Mac road warrior, it takes only two seconds and

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