Chapter 15: How Can I Run Windows Applications?


Some of us live in two worlds. One is the Mac world we know and love. The other is that of Windows computers. For Mac fans, Windows isn’t the operating system of choice for many reasons. However, Windows computers do dominate certain areas, particularly midsize and large organizations, and there are a number of applications that run on Windows only. The good news is that with your MacBook Pro, you can run the Mac OS and Windows on the same computer, which means you really do have the best of both worlds.

Choosing a Windows Option

Using Boot Camp to Run Windows

Running Windows Virtually

Choosing a Windows Option

When the Mac platform switched to Intel processors, two basic options for running Windows on Macs became available: Boot Camp and virtualization. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and you can use both of these methods when you need to.

Boot Camp. Boot Camp is the Apple technology that transforms Mac hardware into a fully capable Windows PC. You can choose to boot up your MacBook Pro in the Mac OS or in Windows. When you boot up in Windows, you have a fully functional Windows PC on your hands.

The strengths of Boot Camp include great performance (your MacBook Pro can outperform many laptops designed to run Windows only), maximum compatibility for hardware and software, and a lower cost because your only ...

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