4Cognitive Computing for Smart Communication

Poonam Sharma1*, Akansha Singh2 and Aman Jatain1

1 Department of Computer Science, Amity University, Gurgaon, India

2 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida, India


With a lot of development in network technologies and artificial intelligence techniques smart information applications and services are growing worldwide. Cloud-based communication has also added on to this by providing powerful communication services. But simply providing cloud based environment and intensive data processing techniques is not sufficient because we have limited capacity and require low latency, high reliability and improved user experience. Cognitive computing is the science which aims to mimic human thought processes. Thus the capabilities of cognitive science if integrated with communications can improve the traditional systems and provide better accuracy and low latency. In this paper, we have discussed in detail cognition-based communications, which combines both AI-based intelligent computing and advanced communication technologies. First an overview of cognitive computing and its evolution is provided. Then a systematic and detailed architecture for applying cognition in communication is described which combines networking with analytics and cloud computing. Finally some applications are also discussed on which these techniques may be applied.

Keywords: Cognitive computing, cloud computing, ...

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