How to do it...

In this recipe, you will use UPX to pack a directory of files.

  1. Place upx.exe in a directory, A, and place a collection of samples in a directory, B, in A. For this example, B is Benign PE Samples UPX.
  2.  List the files of directory B:
import osfiles_path = "Benign PE Samples UPX/"files = os.listdir(files_path)file_paths = [files_path+x for x in files]
  1. Run upx against each file in B:
from subprocess import Popen, PIPEcmd = "upx.exe"for path in file_paths:    cmd2 = cmd+" \""+path+"\""    res = Popen(cmd2, stdout=PIPE).communicate()    print(res)
  1. Whenever an error occurs in packing, remove the original sample:
    if "error" in str(res[0]):        print(path)        os.remove(path)

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