Example of the training and test set

Let's take a use case and work it out in Python. We are going to use Titanic data from Kaggle. The data has been split into two groups:

  • Training set (train.csv)
  • Test set (test.csv)

The data is about the passengers who traveled on the Titanic. It captures their features:

  • pclass: Ticket class 1 = 1st, 2 = 2nd, 3 = 3rd
  • gender: Gender
  • Age: Age in years
  • sibsp: Number of siblings/spouses aboard the Titanic
  • parchNumber of parents/children aboard the Titanic
  • ticket: Ticket number
  • fare Passenger: Fare
  • cabin: Cabin number
  • embarked: Port of embarkation C = Cherbourg, Q = Queenstown, and S = Southampton

We have got to build the model to predict whether or not they survived the sinking of the Titanic. Initially, ...

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