Understanding the dataset

Here, we are going to discuss our input dataset in order to develop the application. You can find the dataset at https://github.com/jalajthanaki/credit-risk-modelling/tree/master/data.

Let's discuss the dataset and its attributes in detail. Here, in the dataset, you can find the following files:

  • cs-training.csv
    • Records in this file are used for training, so this is our training dataset.
  • cs-test.csv
    • Records in this file are used for testing our machine learning models, so this is our testing dataset.
  • Data Dictionary.xls
    • This file contains information about each of the attributes of the dataset. So, this file is referred to as our data dictionary.
  • sampleEntry.csv
    • This file gives us an idea about the format in which we need to generate ...

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