12. Combining Learners

In [1]:

# setup
from mlwpy import *

digits = datasets.load_digits()
digits_ftrs, digits_tgt = digits.data, digits.target

diabetes = datasets.load_diabetes()
diabetes_ftrs, diabetes_tgt = diabetes.data, diabetes.target

iris = datasets.load_iris()
tts = skms.train_test_split(iris.data, iris.target,
                            test_size=.75, stratify=iris.target)
(iris_train_ftrs, iris_test_ftrs,
 iris_train_tgt, iris_test_tgt) = tts

12.1 Ensembles

Up to this point, we’ve talked about learning methods as stand-alone, singular entities. For example, when we use linear regression (LR) or a decision tree (DT), that’s the single and entire model we are using. We might connect it with other preprocessing steps, but the LR or ...

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