13. Models That Engineer Features for Us

In [1]:

# setup
from mlwpy import *
%matplotlib inline*

kwargs = {'test_size':.25, 'random_state':42}

iris = datasets.load_iris()
tts = skms.train_test_split(iris.data, iris.target, **kwargs)
(iris_train,     iris_test,
 iris_train_tgt, iris_test_tgt) = tts

wine = datasets.load_wine()
tts = skms.train_test_split(wine.data, wine.target, **kwargs)
(wine_train,     wine_test,
 wine_train_tgt, wine_test_tgt) = tts

diabetes = datasets.load_diabetes()
tts = skms.train_test_split(diabetes.data, diabetes.target, **kwargs)
(diabetes_train_ftrs, diabetes_test_ftrs,
 diabetes_train_tgt,  diabetes_test_tgt) = tts

# these are entire datasets
iris_df = pd.DataFrame(iris.data, columns=iris.feature_names) ...

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