Chapter 5

The Cutting Edge: Staying Sharp


check Facing the hard facts

check Grappling with the elements

check Getting tough with high-speed steel

check Going fast and furious: Carbide

check Notating on rotating: Round tools

check Sticking with stick tools

If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.


If you saw the 1992 romantic comedy The Cutting Edge, where a washed up hockey player and spoiled figure skater fall in love while practicing for the winter Olympics, don’t get too excited: This chapter has nothing to do with that cinematic masterpiece, nor is it a sequel. (If you haven’t seen it, sorry about the spoiler.) That’s because this chapter talks about something far more exciting than some boy meets girl love story: cutting tools.

After all, without the drills, reamers, end mills, indexable inserts, boring bars, and milling cutters you find out about ...

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