1978 Apple begins game-machine project, code-named Annie.
1979 Apple Chairman Mike Markkula asks Jef Raskin to take over Annie project. Raskin, instead, proposes creating an easy-to-use personal computer. Raskin becomes manager of the renamed Macintosh project. The machine will ship in September 1981 and sell for $500. Steve Jobs and other Apple employees visit Xerox PARC.
1981 Steve Jobs takes charge of Macintosh project.
1982 Apple finishes Macintosh enclosure design; the company inscribes signatures of Macintosh team members inside the case.
1984 Apple introduced the Macintosh with the “1984” commercial. The Macintosh 128K sells for $2,495 and includes MacWrite and MacDraw.
1985 Apple airs the “Lemmings” commercial.

Microsoft releases ...

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